Canadian Red Cross

Follow Santa on OnStar

Starting Christmas Eve, Chevrolet and OnStar Canada will be letting subscribers follow Santa’s route and will also make a $1 donation to the Canadian Red Cross for each OnStar button pushed.


Car hacking: How likely is it to happen to you?

The mainstream press has been filled recently with news of software systems in various cars being hacked. Which naturally raises the question: “Can your car be hacked?” The answer to that question

OnStar Theft Alarm Notification

Chevrolet Adds Car Theft Alarm Notifications 

An enhancement to the existing Stolen Vehicle Assistance service allowing OnStar subscribers to receive a real-time alert when the vehicle’s alarm sounds. The service will be available to eligible s

Big Brother

Riding along with Big Brother

Wheels columnist Kumar Saha writes that as cars become more connected and interactive, the technology can be spying on the drivers.


OnStar defuses car thieves

General Motors and OnStar have developed a powerful new technology that will gradually and safely slow down a stolen vehicle.


OnStar to help stop car theft

Message to car thieves: if you're thinking about stealing a General Motors car or truck in the future, think again.