Used small cars selling like 'hotcakes'

The beige 2003 Honda Civic sat on Mike Haile's used car lot in Atlanta for only three days before he sold it for $8,200 (U.S.). And that was $300 more than the asking price.


The microcar cometh

Small, imported cars were viewed by many of us with a mix of amusement and suspicion in 1975, when I first laid eyes on the Honda Civic.

2008 Honda Fit Sport

Honda tweaks Fit, Civic fuel use

Honda Canada is tinkering with two cars to improve fuel efficiency so they can qualify for $1,000 rebates under the federal government's controversial auto rebate program, a senior company official re


A lesson in Civics

Happily for Honda, the Civic was introduced to the Canadian market in 1973 and the timing couldn't have been better.

2002 Honda Civic EX Sedan.

Second-hand: Honda Civic

Funny. It was a lawnmower maker - and not a diversified aerospace company - that showed the world how to build a good small car.