The Honda Civic Type R Experience

We don’t normally direct your attention to car advertising, but this one really impressed us: to mark the release of the Honda Civic Type R, the manufacturer just posted a video showcasing the duali

2003-06 Subaru Baja

Induce some Second-hand envy

But what if you could buy an exotic — and let’s use the dictionary definition, meaning “strikingly unusual” — for the same price as a run-of-the-mill hatchback?

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John LeBlanc's Top 10 New Hot Hatches

Driving enthusiasts are well aware of the Hot Hatch Formula. The idea of adding a bit of performance to a run-of-the-mill, errand-hopping hatchback made a lot of sense to a lot of people.

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Top 5 hatchbacks under $10,000

Cheap to own and to operate, it has a smaller footprint than many cars thanks to the absence of a trunk and it can be fun to drive and to park expertly.

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Just don't call it a hatchback

BMW's been kicking around the idea of a tall sedan for some time. Industry types first labelled spy photos of the shorter-than-an-SUV, taller-than-a-wagon new Bimmer as a future V-series; as in versat


BMW set to roll out new 5-series hatchback

Despite outcries of blasphemy and treason from some traditional Bimmerphiles, BMW is proceeding with building a production version of its tall, four-passenger 5-series hatchback dubbed the Gran T