Ford GT Competition

Ford GT Competition offers more weight saving

The Ford GT Competition Series offers weight-saving innovations such lightweight carbon fibre racing stripes, A-Pillars, and side mirrors, unique engine hatch with integrated venting that distinguishe

Ford GT

GT becomes the fastest Ford ever

Assisted by fully active dynamic systems, all-new Ford GT has achieved top speed of 216 mph – the highest ever for any Ford production vehicle.

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ferrari 330P4

Le Mans: Then and Now

It becomes pertinent not just to know who won in 1966 or when Porsche earned its first of about a million wins, but also how the various teams got where they are today.

Ford GT design award

Ford GT honoured for design elegance

The 2017 Ford GT has won the Gene Ritvo Award, which honors the best in design in the automotive world. The honor is awarded to the concept or vehicle that best defines elegance in design.