How to fix a key fob

While the button contacts in virtually any fob can wear out, the fobs used by many GM models also have a common internal failure that can render one button or the entire remote non-functional. It’s


How to replace a serpentine belt

All belts wear and harden with time, and they do fail. Here’s how to replace them. Ease of service varies greatly, but most are readily tackled by a DIYer.


DIY Garage: How to fix window regulators

The basic concept involved in replacing these is common to most vehicles, though variations even within a model line (power/manual, etc.) mean that the specific repair shown is intended as an example

Plastic Oil containers

Dispose of motor oil properly

Environmentalists label the millions of litres of fresh and waste oil sent annually to the dump by do-it-yourselfers as the “invisible oil spill.” Save your money and save the planet by capturing