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2013 BMW R1200GS

2013 BMW R1200GS: Same face with new guts

At first glance it would be easy to think that the 2013 BMW R1200GS received only a minor facelift. It shares the same profile as the current model, has many similar design elements, and it has those

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Second-hand: 2009-11 Volkswagen Tiguan

Regardless of what Volkswagen called its new-for-2009 compact crossover, you could be certain of two things: (a) it would drive nicely, and (b) no moniker could be worse than Touareg, the Tig's big br

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Second-hand: 2006-10 Volkswagen 

Volkswagen's athletic reflexes, European sophistication and kick-butt acceleration are marred by its many flaws that are costly to repair. Passat not for the frugal

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2008 Yamaha XT250

Yamaha says the XT250, combines ultimate versatility at a great price, and after spending a couple of weeks aboard the dual purpose bike, I have to agree.

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Second-hand: Mazda MPV

Auto enthusiasts turn up their noses at minivans in much the same way cats do at a generic brand tuna dinner. Shame, really.

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Second-hand: Cadillac Catera

Assembled in Russelsheim, Germany, the Catera was powered by a DOHC 3.0-litre V6 that had already crossed the Atlantic under the hood of the Saab 9000.