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Continuing her journey with a Rogue

Healthcare worker opted to stick with a Nissan after her lease ended.

By Liz Beddall Wheels.ca

Mar 29, 2021 4 min. read

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While many people in the Toronto area continue to work from home, perhaps waking a few minutes before the start of their workday or commuting just a handful of metres from their bed to their desk, 33-year-old healthcare worker Pavena Chatoori still sets her alarm for 5 a.m.

When traffic is light, the medical receptionist’s early morning commute from Brampton to Mississauga takes her about half an hour. She spends the time listening to high-energy music, particularly soca, to prepare for the hectic workday ahead of her.

The sound system in her Nissan Rogue is one of the things she loved about her vehicle. Her 2016 model drove her not only to work, but to many milestone events in her life, like her sister’s recent wedding. It also was a means for her to explore outside her neighbourhood and get away from the stresses of her fast-paced job.

It was for those reason that when the lease for her Roque expired in December, and the question of whether Chatoori wanted to look at other types of vehicles was asked, her answer was a quick and resounding, “I’ll stick with the Nissan Rogue.” Chatoori tells us why she loves about her vehicle.

Review 2021 Nissan Rogue

“I used to buy used cars only,” says Chatoori, who leased her 2021 Nissan Rogue AWD S

from Brampton North Nissan. “My biggest worry was the used car breaking down, because you just never know if you’ve been given a lemon.

“When I decided to lease a vehicle for the first time it was the Nissan Rogue 2016 and I just loved it. My experience with it was great so I didn’t mind just getting an upgrade to the current model. The biggest plus for me, other than the fact that it’s just a trustworthy vehicle, is that there is so much room in the back. I live with my family and my sister just had a baby not too long ago. He’s growing up and I’d like to put a car seat in the back so I can spend more time with him.

“The other reason is that I’ve lived in Ontario my entire life. I’ve lived in Brampton my entire life. So, for me, it’s about discovering what else is out there. I’ve taken the Rogue to Tobermory and to Niagara Falls. I like to experience different cities around Ontario when things are open. The Rogue has just enough room so that when I did go on my little adventures, like going out for a hike, I can throw a cooler in or some of my art supplies and a chair. I’m excited that this new version has an upgrade to all-wheel drive, which is an awesome switchover that will potentially let me do some off-roading. So yes, lots of adventures to come,” said Chatoori. “I even got a drive-through Covid test in the Rogue and will take it to get my Covid-19 vaccine soon. Lots of big moments.”

Review 2021 Nissan Rogue

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Interior Comfort

“I love that the new model has a heated steering wheel,” says Chatoori, who often must commute to work in the early morning during the winter. “It feels like a guilty pleasure.” Adding to her comfort are the Nissan Rogue’s heated front seats as well as heated outside mirrors with LED turn-signal indicators. The interior also boasts NissanConnect featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and wireless charging abilities. There is also digital dashboard that can be customized to also feature maps, your speed or information on the podcast or music you are listening to.

Safety Shield 360 

Often purchased as a family vehicle, the Nissan Rogue comes equipped with a host of comprehensive features to keep the drivers and passengers comfortable and safe. With the help of cameras, radar technology and sonar, the Safety Shield 360 suite means the Rogue has a constant eye on all that’s around It. This includes such features as a lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking system and rear automatic braking, which detects stationary objects behind the vehicle and engages the brakes to help avoid collision.

Cargo Flexibility

In these ever-changing times it’s important that your vehicle is also flexible. The Nissan Rogue is ready to adapt with its dynamic Divide-N-Hide cargo system that allows for the rear of the vehicle to be transformed into six different configurations depending on what you need to carry, from a week’s worth of groceries to building materials for a do-it-yourself project. The system allows for the quick creation of a private storage area or series of layered shelves with the quick pull of a lever.

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