There will be Plenty of Food and Drink Options at the Autoshow

You can leave the Convention Centre to grab a bite or a brew, but it’s not really necessary.

By Stephanie Wallcraft Wheels.ca

Feb 14, 2020 3 min. read

Article was updated 4 years ago

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At the Canadian International AutoShow, cars are clearly a hot topic. But, as it turns out, so is the food.

“In our patron surveys that we send out each year after the auto show, the No. 1 topic seems to be what sort of food you can get at the (Metro Toronto) Convention Centre and what the prices are,” said David McClean, director of marketing services for the Canadian International AutoShow.

“The Convention Centre has addressed this in terms of building a variety of mobile food service into the show and all kinds of different cuisines or (quick-service restaurant) types of foods. There's a real crossover, everything from sushi through to hot dogs. There's really something there for everyone.”

Food court-style spaces are located in both the North and South Buildings of the Convention Centre, which allows visitors to build a food stop into their itineraries at whatever point of the day is convenient for them. Some locations are also licensed, adding the ability to enjoy an adult beverage while you relax and refuel before heading back into the halls to explore.

Here’s a look at where the food outlets are located around the Convention Centre and the options you’ll find at each. Food and drink are not permitted in the exhibit halls, so be sure to factor time for staying put into your plans.

Convention Centre Food

North Building

At street level in room 206, visitors can find a food court-style space with plenty of seating. The choices here are Pizza Pizza, Metro Hot Dogs, and Grab and Go, a Convention Centre staple that offers takeaway sandwiches and salads.

South Building

In the South Building, food options are far more extensive.

On the 600 Level, just after entering the show from the MTCC South parking garage, pizza and hot dogs are being served in a space with expanded seating for 2020. Here, beer, wine, and spirits are also available.

Around the corner, at the end of the hallway where the Toys R Us Playcare Centre is located, you’ll find a café-style Grab and Go location with sandwiches, salads, snacks, and hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks.

To find the largest food court, head to the 800 Level. Two complimentary food halls are located here, including pizza, hot dogs, another Grab and Go location, plus several more options:

- Ben’s Grill House, serving burgers and fries;

- Ah So Sushi, with handcrafted sushi and other Asian fare made fresh daily;

- Crepe Delicious, a Canadian company known for its sweet and savoury crepes made fresh to order;

- Asian Bistro, making its debut this year and offering stir-fry combinations over steamed rice;

- La Diperie, an ice cream brand known for its inventive dipped creations; and

- Beavertails, appearing for the first time this year, a Canadian brand famous for its hand-stretched pastries with a variety of toppings and specialty combos.

- ICEE frozen beverages are also available here along with freshly squeezed lemonade at The Lemonade Stand as well as beer, wine and spirits.

Going Elsewhere

Should these options not appeal to you for any reason, your ticket purchase entitles you to leave the show and return on the same day. Just be sure to have your hand stamped at the gate when you exit.




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