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2022 Ford Maverick XL Hybrid Review

“Everything you need – nothing more.”

By Lesley Wimbush Wheels.ca

Aug 30, 2022 5 min. read

Article was updated a year ago

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When picturing early adopters of new car technology, and particularly electric vehicles , I can’t help imagining earnest, eco-conscientious, academic types in all-natural fibres. In other words, the large majority of people who stopped to comment on the hybrid truck I was driving on Salt Spring Island. Granted, that describes most of the population on the island, but the Ford Maverick XL Hybrid’s compact size, frugal consumption, and modest demeanour tend to resonate with those outside of the typical monster truck demographic.

A decade ago, industry experts would have told you that the compact truck segment was dying, and their predictions seemed borne out by the proliferation of increasingly massive full-size trucks on the road. Small truck buyers had migrated towards the more comfortable and practical crossover segment. But a couple of manufacturers, namely GM and Ford, bucked that trend by introducing well-packaged small trucks that offered the comfort and tech feature of a crossover, while retaining the work capability of a pickup. And lo and behold – they were a resounding success. Outdoor types, urban dwellers, small business owners – don’t necessarily need a full-size truck for their modest towing and payload needs. And given the astronomical increase in fuel costs, Maverick’s arrival couldn’t have been timed better.

2022 Ford Maverick

Ford’s newest addition to their truck lineup slots in under the mid-size Ranger and could technically be considered a crossover with a bed, since it’s built on a unibody platform instead of a full ladder frame. The Maverick rides on a modified version of the same architecture shared by the Bronco Sport and Ford Escape, though it’s quite a lot larger than either. Yet it’s now the smallest pickup available in the North American market– and the most fuel efficient vehicle in Ford’s entire portfolio. It’s also priced thousands lower than most competitors. Unlike most new vehicles which reserve the hybrid model for their top level, loaded trims, Maverick’s hybrid option is the cheapest model in the lineup, with a base price of $25,900. Not surprisingly, the entire production run of 2022 Mavericks sold out before the end of last year, and Ford won’t resume taking orders until the 2023 model goes into production this September.

It’s easy to see why. The Maverick is a likeable and surprisingly useful little truck that is what I would have once referred to as an “honest” vehicle. “It’s everything you need – nothing more” said Maverick’s Ford Canada marketing director Matheiu Rompre

2022 Ford Maverick

We divided our time between a base model Maverick XL with a total price of $30,125, and a fully-loaded Lariat AWD that topped out at $46,045.

Because it uses a unibody chassis instead of a ladder frame, and independent rear suspension instead of leaf springs, the Maverick’s handling is car-like. It’s easily manoeuvred on congested roads and busy parking lots and feels just as stable unladen. Available only in four-door extended cab and short box, the Maverick boasts an impressive 1,500-pound payload, and – if you’ve opted for the 2.0 litre turbo engine equipped model, a max tow rating of 4,000 lbs with an optional tow package. The front-wheel drive only Hybrid truck’s towing capacity is a rather disappointing 2,000 lbs. Competitor Hyundai Santa Cruz has a max tow rating of 5,000 lbs, but has a smaller box and a much bigger price tag ($41,454- $47,754).

Still, that hybrid powertrain, consisting of a 2.5 litre Atkinson -cycle four cylinder mated to an electric motor producing 191 hp/155 ft-lb is capable of an astounding 5.6L/100 km rating in city driving. The same powertrain is rated at 7.1 L/100 km on the highway. Combined, the Maverick XL has an official rating of 6.3 L/100 km, which is better than many of the top hybrid sedans.

2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick

While the box is short at four feet long, and four feet wide, it’s designed to carry 4x8 sheets of drywall and plywood. Instead of offering a fancy rail system, Maverick has strategic slots in the the bed that you simply slide a 2x6 into. Drop the tailgate to the 3/4 setting, and it creates a secure platform for your load.

The Maverick Hybrid XL’s interior is rather plain, with cloth upholstery and plastics. But a lot of thought went into its design and no space is wasted. There’s plenty of leg and headroom for all four passengers, a surprising number of cubbies and drink holders, and the plastic surfaces are nicely textured and made from recycled materials. The rear seats flip up to provide extra carrying space.

2022 Ford Maverick

There’s no navigation system on any trim level, but an 8” touchscreen is standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Standard too is a Wi-Fi Hotspot with 3 months free connectivity. Seats are strictly manual at the base level, with no heat nor cooling. Ford also offers CAD files to those enterprising users who want to create their own smartphone mount, storage bin, or package hangers.

Upper trim levels get 8-way power seats, an additional 6.5” information screen, cruise, remote keyless entry, ambient lighting and acoustic windshield and cabin particulate filter.

Available features include heated seats, Sirius Satellite Radio, Bang and Olufsen sound, and Ford Sync with enhanced voice recognition, 400W inverter, 400W/110V outlets in truck bed and rear console, moonroof, leather wrapped wheel, floor liners, and all-weather trays.

2022 Ford Maverick

A fully-equipped Maverick Lariat with a 250hp/ 277 lb ft Ecoboost easily towed a small Airstream Basecamp (2,600 lbs) on winding forested roads, and we had no trouble negotiating tight turns and inclines.

Observed fuel economy in the Ecoboost Maverick was 7.8L/100 km combined, and 6.9L/100 km combined for the Maverick XL Hybrid.

The average person rarely has need for a full-size truck. The Ford Maverick offers the perfect solution for the weekend explorer, and their toys, in a fuel-sipping, reasonably priced package.

The writer attended this media drive as a guest of the automaker. Content and vehicle evaluations were not subject to approval.

2022 Ford Maverick XL Hybrid

BODY STYLE: 5-passenger, four door, compact pickup truck

CONFIGURATION: Front engine, front or all-wheel-drive

ENGINE: 2.5L inline 4 hybrid; 2.0 EcoBoost inline 4

POWER: 191 hp/155 lb.-ft (hybrid) 250 hp/277 lb-ft (Ecoboost)

TRANSMISSION: Continuously variable (hybrid) or eight-speed automatic (Ecoboost)

Fuel Economy: 6.3 L/100 km (hybrid) 9.6L/100 km (EcoBoost)




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