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Top 5 Ferraris of All Time 


A black prancing horse engulfed in a yellow hue, is much more than a logo to an Italian car company. It represents the history and lineage of some of the finest automotive and engineering creations on the planet.

Whether referring to classics throughout the decades, looking at F1 or even at their modern-day supercars, here are my top five favourite Ferraris from the last five decades.

5. Ferrari F40 (1987-1992)

Though I don’t find this stallion to be the most visually appealing, the F40 was the epitome of supercars at the time. With a 2.9-litre, V8 housed under a plexiglass rear window (the slots were there to let the heat from the engine compartment out,) it oozed 478 horsepower from the twin-turbo engine. Part of the minimalist appeal was that it was designed to be raced without a lot of modifications. Weight savings was the name of the game. But what makes it truly special was that it was the last Ferrari to be personally approved by Enzo himself.

Ferrari F40

4. Dino 206 GT (1967)

 The Dino is almost on everyone’s “Ferrari” lists, but it’s no surprise. Ferrari is in quotes because this sub-brand was created to offer more affordable sports cars, but they didn’t want to thin the V12 bloodline or soil the name in the process.

Ferrari Dino 206 GT

3. Enzo Ferrari (2002-2004)

 The Enzo Ferrari, Porsche Carrera GT and Ford GT were the supercars being talked about when I first started in the auto industry in the early 2000s. Of the lot, the Enzo tickled my fancy the most, even though it had that peculiar nose. With only 400 of them being produced, exclusivity was the name of the game. And since the F40 made this list, it’s only natural that the Enzo complemented it as well. Besides its F1-laden technologies and composites, the Enzo sheer road presence was enough of a captivating feature.

Enzo Ferrari

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2. LaFerrari (Present)

This list would not be complete without a modern-day super Ferrari. While I grappled with which to choose (458, 488, 599 GTO are all incredible machines) the LaFerrari gets my vote not because of its name, but because it’s a hybrid. The first of its kind from Ferrari. With the 6.3L, V12 and an electric motor working together, there’s a net 950 horsepower. And it’s good on gas, too, right?


1. Ferrari 360 Modena (1999-2005)

As a young girl, the 360 would stalk me in my dreams. I had a huge poster on my wall of it and would endlessly daydream about my favourite Ferrari. Recently, I had the chance to test drive one. It was both an honour and an experience. The mid-engined, rear-wheel drive coupe that I’d lusted over for years was everything I had hoped for. A six-speed manual, razor sharp precision and such a beautiful and curvaceous body. To this day, it is still my top pick Ferrari and I’m not sure anything will be able to top it.

Ferrari 360 Modena

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