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Top 10 reasons why driving to the auto show was best

Musing while driving to the Detroit Auto Show.

1. Two Words: Airport Security

2. You didn’t have strangers coughing all over you; just your kids.

3. Even with gas at $1 per litre, it was still cheaper than the train, particularly if more than one person went.

4. The scenery along the 401 west of Woodstock was breathtaking. Well, okay, maybe not so much.

5. You were still a few Petro Points away from earning a free car wash.

6. It was an excellent opportunity to try out the iPod adapter or satellite radio that your family bought you for Christmas.

7. If you’d left the car at home, your teenage children would have been able to use it.

8. You could come and go as you pleased, when you pleased.

9. Spending that much time in the old car might have been just that final push to make your significant other agree to buying a new car — and hey! — you were going to a show full of shiny new ones!

10. As a Wheels reader, you actually enjoy driving. Isn’t that what a trip to the Detroit auto show was all about?

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