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Top 10 reasons to attend/avoid the Detroit Auto Show

Here are the Top Five reasons to attend the Detroit Auto Show followed by the Top Five reasons to give it a pass.

Top Five reasons to attend the Detroit Auto Show:

1) You can see cars and trucks that you’ve never seen before, except in photos.

2) It’s warm and bright on the showfloor, so you can forget about winter.

3) It’s an exciting place to discover what the future holds for transportation, and drive electric cars.

4) It’s easy to reach — no further than Ottawa and not as far as Montreal.

5) The dollar’s almost at par, and gasoline is 10 cents a litre cheaper in Windsor than Toronto.


Top Five reasons to give the Detroit auto show a miss:

1) Detroit’s a dump of a city, full of our garbage.

2) We’ll see most of these cars and trucks at the Toronto show next month.

3) You have to travel here in winter — ’nuff said.

4) Some of these cars are just for Americans and won’t be brought into Canada.

5) If you don’t plan to buy a new car or truck this year, all the great stuff on display will only frustrate you.

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