• 10 Highlights of the new 2017 Infiniti Q60

    Infiniti has released an all-new Q60 Coupe for the 2017 model year.
    • Infiniti Q60

    No longer an exercise in simple badge engineering, Infiniti has released an all-new Q60 Coupe for the 2017 model year. That’s all-new almost from the ground-up, with new engines, styling, and interior additions to help Infiniti’s entrant into the luxury sport coupe segment compete with the best Germany, Japan and the US has to offer.

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    • Infiniti Q60

    Just look at it

    The character lines on the door and rear fender. The dual spiral-tipped exhaust. Squinting LED headlights. Long, grand touring-like hood. Red-painted brake calipers. It’s all here, and it’s all spectacular, helping make the Q60 one of, if not the best-looking car in the segment.
    • infiniti q60

    Power to spare

    Three separate engines are on offer: one I4 (208 hp, 259 lb-ft) and two V6s (300 hp, 295 lb-ft and 400 hp, 350 lb-ft), all turbocharged or twin-turbocharged. It’s nice that we have the fuel-efficient I4 as an option, but the real star of the show is the 400 hp V6 option, which comes as standard on top-spec Red Sport trims. Power figures are one thing, but the way power is transferred to the wheels is entirely another, and Infiniti has nailed this requirement with the Q60. Power comes on thick and fast, to the point where you and your passenger had better hold on tight.
    • q60

    AWD, 7 speeds

    We Canadians get AWD as our sole drive choice for the time being; the Americans do get to choose from a rear-wheel drive option. All Q60 models get a 7-speed automatic transmission as standard, and it works well in unison with the engine to make sure your forward progress is brisk. You can also modify your drive settings to decrease shift times, whether you’re letting the transmission do the work, or swapping cogs yourself with a pair of wheel-mounted paddles.
    • q60


    The reason you can adjust so many facets of the steering is that the Q60 makes use of an advanced version of Infiniti’s Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) tech, first seen on the Q60 ‘s four-door Q50 cousin. Instead of hydraulically transmitting your steering inputs, a set of electronic pulses are sent to the front axle, which then responds in kind. Infiniti maintains that steering inputs occur at a faster rate than they would when considering a more traditional rack and the average human response time.
    • q60

    Digital suspension

    That’s no joke; Infiniti actually calls the Q60’s adaptive suspension “Dynamic Digital Suspension”, simply because computers play such a big part. They monitor body roll, yaw rates and steering rates to better prepare the chassis for what’s about to come. In practice, what this means is the Q60 is an amazing handler that keeps its gorgeous body in-check as you tear through the twisties. It’s a car that handles as well as it looks, that’s for sure. They also allow drivers to manually override the system and choose their own preferred settings.
    • infiniti q60

    Speaking of modifying your settings…

    Thanks to the ability to individually set your traction control intervention, steering weight, steering responsiveness, throttle responsiveness and more, there are more than 300 possible combinations to choose from. This means that in practice, every driving style can be accommodated. Or, you can go ahead and choose from several pre-sets.
    • infiniti q60

    Screens Aplenty

    If you include the item nestled in-between the gauges, there’s a total of three display screens on the dash, so all your information is close-at-hand; your navigation is displayed on a screen mounted atop the dash, and controlled by a console-mounted wheel while the lower screen is a responsive touch affair, and it’s here that you can modify your drive settings, your phone settings, your audio settings and more.
    • bose centerpoint

    Bose Centerpoint

    Used to be a coupe with a pair of strong speakers was enough; no longer. If you opt for the higher-spec audio system in your Q60, you get a total of 13 speakers, strategically placed throughout the cabin. There’s one full-length item at the base of the windshield, one in each a-pillar, two in each of the doors, two centrally-mounted, two beside the rear seats and two mounted into the rear deck. It looks good, too; the speaker grilles are formed from real metal finished in a luxurious silver.
    • q60


    Thanks to a handful of smart electronic driving aids, you’re able to drive for long distances with no hands on the wheel, and no feet on the pedals. We don’t recommend this, but the active lane-departure warning system, active cruise control, active blind spot assist and automatic braking are all so well implemented, you may just want to try, just once. Infiniti remains one of the best in the game when it comes to this kind of tech.
  • Pricing

    The Q60 starts at $45,990 with a four-cylinder turbo engine as well as 7-speed automatic transmission, moonroof, AWD and leather seating. $52,990 gets you into a 300 hp twin turbo V6, while $60,990 is what it takes to get the big-power, 400 hp Red Sport version.

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