• Ten Cars to Move You

    The cars on this list are intended to stir your soul and set your loins afire. They’re flamboyant. They’re extreme.
    • 2016 corvette z06
    Matthew Guy

    Take a look around you on your next commute down the highway.

    What do you see?

    Chances are, there is an abundance of milquetoast cars driven by somnambulant drivers exhibiting only the faintest of interest in piloting their vehicle.

    But you and I are different, right? We’re gearheads, and we know that a vehicle need not be the automotive equivalent of chloroform. The cars on this list are intended to stir your soul and set your loins afire. They’re flamboyant. They’re extreme. Most of them are perfectly imperfect. All of them will make you want to take the long way home.

    In a world filled with vanilla sedans and beige crossovers, here are ten cars on sale today which will move your spirit.

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    • Mercedes-AMG S 65

    Mercedes-AMG S 65

    No list of cars to stir the soul is complete without a mention of the skunkworks in Affalterbach. The absolutely gonzo Mercedes-AMG S 65 sedan is a twelve-cylinder, 621hp, swivel-eyed destroyer of worlds that costs well over a quarter of a million dollars. That its level of interior luxury rivals a private jet and some of the finer yachts only serves to up the ante. Slathered in $4500 worth of Mocha Black Metallic paint, the S 65 is a symphony of evil. Choose the sedan if you want to be moved in an executive rear seat; choose the coupe if you want to pilot Lucifer’s personal chariot yourself.
    • dodge demon

    Dodge Demon

    Shod with drag radials, bereft of interior accoutrements, and possessing the largest air scoop this side of an NHRA Funny Car, the upcoming Dodge Demon is the most extreme car ever to come out of Auburn Hills since the original Viper. The number 757 has appeared in various places on the teaser videos being released by Dodge, leading this author to think that figure will be the Demon’s horsepower rating. If true, that means we will be living in a world where a Dodge will have more horsepower than a Lamborghini Aventador. To be clear, it will be possible for the Demon to only move you, as the passenger seat will be an optional feature.
    • giulia quadrifolglio

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    It’s said that one is not a true gearhead until they’ve owned at least one Alfa Romeo. Seemingly hewn from a solid block of charisma and infused with a good dose of soul, Alfas have a way of working their way into one’s heart, despite their many quirks and quarks. Underneath the gorgeous bodywork, a twin-turbo V6 pumps out 505hp, moving this slinky sedan (and you!) to 60mph in less than four seconds. This four door beauty lapped the Nurburgring in 7:32, faster than a Shelby GT350R and a Pagani Zonda F.
    • mclaren 720S

    McLaren 720S

    The fantastically outrageous 720S marks the first Macca in the car maker’s second-gen Super Series line of cars. A power boost to 720 mechanical horsepower helps to explain the name; a weight drop to 2828lbs helps explain the 341km/h top speed. Its carbon fibre Monocage ties its shape to the original F1 road car. Prepare yourself for Instagram stardom and twenty minute fuel stops, as twin-hinged dihedral doors and flamboyant styling are sure to draw stares and excited questions from the proletariat.
    • mazda mx-5

    Mazda MX-5

    If there ever was a perfectly imperfect car, the Mazda MX-5 is surely it. The radio controls are illogically placed, its cupholders are by the driver’s elbow, and the interior has less storage space than a hobbit’s house. I guarantee you won’t care about any of that. The MX-5’s perfectly balanced handling and snick-snick shifter provoke grins wider than the Prairies. On a summer’s day in the MX-5, the sun feels warmer, freshly-cut grass smells sweeter, and you feel moved to take a drive just for the fun of it. Totally impractical? Definitely. Totally fabulous? Absolutely.  
    • Jaguar F-Type SVR

    Jaguar F-Type SVR

    Special Vehicle Operations is the in-house skunkworks at JLR – think of it as AMG is to Mercedes, and as M is to BMW. If one somehow finds the 5.0L supercharged V8 F-Type, rated at 550hp, as too tame for their tastes, the SVR package provides a dose of insanity not seen since Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Its 575hp slingshots the coupe to a top speed of 323km/h. Slathered in a bright hue (try Firesand or Caldera Red) and armed with what is arguably the best V8 exhaust note money can buy, the F-Type SVR is loud in more ways than one.
    • 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (ZR1 coming soon!)

    Since first foisted upon a slack-jawed crowd at the 1953 New York Auto Show, the Corvette has been the stuff of childhood dreams for a good number of gearheads. GM somehow finds a way to offer world-class performance at half of the price being charged by European companies, keeping the dream within reach for most of us. The latest Corvette is the best yet, with a smoking 6.2L V8 under the bulging hood, stoked to 650hp in the Z06 with the help of a supercharger. A quarter-mile time of less than eleven seconds proves the Z06 has the mouth to match its trousers.
    • 2017 Ford Focus RS

    Ford Focus RS

    Not only will the Focus RS move you, it’ll move you sideways, thanks to its Drift Mode. The twin-clutch all-wheel drive system channel’s up to 70-percent of the RS’s torque to the rear wheels, with up to 100-percent of that output to either side to enable a type of torque vectoring, encouraging lurid slides and prodigious amounts of tire smoke. The 350hp, turbocharged 2.3L inline-four cranks out an 350hp, sending the hatchback around racetracks and along freeways like a stabbed rat. Drivers announce their presence by way of bold colours and an exhaust that pops, snorts, and backfires like the devil’s own rally car.
    • lamborghini aventador s

    Lamborghini Aventador S

    Sure, Lamborghini’s big supercar has been around for nearly six years, but looking for all the world like an angry origami Batmobile, the Aventador S will stop traffic no matter its paint hue. Though, if you’re spending half a million dollars on an outrageous Lamborghini, it might as well be in a bold colour right? Get the Verde Ithaca (green) or Giallo Evros (yellow). The new S model spins its 730hp 6.5L V12 to a dizzying 8500rpm while the four-wheel steering system will make you a track hero. Make sure your smartphone is charged up in this Lambo; you’re about to become an Instagram star.
  • Ford Shelby GT350R

    When Ford unwrapped its new Mustang in 2015, it made a quantum leap in terms of power and tech compared to the old pony car. Not content to rest on their laurels, the maniacs at Ford’s skunkworks stuffed a 526hp 5.2L V8 under the hood and blessed it with a flat-plane crank which delivers an outrageous exhaust note sounding like wasps in a Cuisinart. Aerodynamic addenda and a hard-core chassis mean this is not just a beast in a straight line; the GT350R can dance on the track, too. Right after it dances all over your heart, of course.