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Tech Tuesday: The latest tech toys for your vehicle 

It’s that time of the week known as Tuesday aka 4 more days until the weekend. Tech Tuesday: this week’s selection of automotive technology is designed to help you in all aspects:

It’s that time of the week known as Tuesday aka 4 more days until the weekend. Tech Tuesday: this week’s selection of automotive technology is designed to help you in all aspects:

1. Escort Passport Max2 HD Detector

Yes, the product name is longer than the divorce documents your wife gave you BUT this gadget can help you evade the law… kinda.

The digital detector, coupled with the Escort Live app, provides alerts as to where ticketing cops are set up and the location of speed traps, all provided by other users in the area. It’s like an upgraded version of Waze. The device also reveals where red light cameras and speed camera locations are throughout all of North America. Range is 3x more than competitors.

Image source: escortradar

2. Go Pro Cameras

Why not record a beautiful family drive, road trip or stupid mistakes that lead to minor car accidents that you can upload to Youtube’s many fail blog posts?

For the general population, Go Pros are thought of idea for extreme sports and POV pornography. Why not record your trip through Muskoka, cottage country or another trip? This way you can also stay focused on the drive itself while revisiting footage when you’re not behind the wheel. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a Moose and no, we’re not talking about you mother in-law.

3. Navdy

Much like the Garmin Heads-Up Display mentioned in last week’s article, Navdy also competes in the same market space. A HUD unit designed to help you keep your eyes on the road, you mount the device onto your dashboard and it displays data on a clear screen and not the actual windshield. A tiny projector displays GPS instructions, your speed and such onto the screen, allowing you to maintain FOCUS (* The Rock voice).

You’ll need to download the app and connect to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth to use the device. Something cool to note: you can use hand gestures and voice commands to control. Like your ex-wife, you can’t (or don’t have to) touch this.

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4. Relaxor

Massages are amazing, especially if you have company benefits. But why drive to a masseuse (isn’t that a hard word to spell, or is it just me?) when you could be driving AND having a massage at the same time.

This isn’t your grandfather’s massage system, mainly because the model T didn’t have this accessory. Adjust the speed, the type of massage, heat, region and more with the Relaxor. Offering 2 models, you’ll get to choose the one that feels right.

The perfect accessory that fits all seats in cars, trucks and RVs, get a Relaxor for long drives or if you’re just looking for some relaxation in your 2 hour commute in ungodly traffic.

Image source: relaxor

5. Built-In 4G LTE WI-FI

We’re all obsessed with being connected 24/7. Whether it’s a short drive to the convenience store, a drive to see the in-laws or a road trip, staying connected is almost as important as nourishment. But what happens when your phone runs out of data or the kids want to watch a movie?

Luckily, automotive manufacturers like Chevrolet and Buick are equipping their vehicles with 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which allows users to use their tablets, phones and other devices via Hotspot. Since this feature is powered by your vehicle, you never have to worry about it dying. The Chevy vehicles can connect up to 7 devices.

Image Source: Buick

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