Kenzie's top picks at the show

With hundreds of new and old cars to choose from at the AutoShow and a limited number of hours to see them, which ones would I suggest you put at the top of your priority list?

TOP 5 SUVs OVER $60,000 

The top 5 SUVs Over $60,000: Safe, Luxurious, & Reliable Transportation for Families. Buick's Enclave wins with style, handling.

Top 10 Dumbest Halo Cars

By definition, a halo car in the auto industry is supposed to beam a positive light, or image, about its maker.

10 cars killed before their time

In one of the most tumultuous years ever in the auto industry, slow sales and bankruptcies have forced automakers to not only pare back on specific models for the upcoming 2010 model year, but also sh

Top 10 least-polluting

List of Europe's least-polluting car makers based on an average of how much carbon dioxide per kilometer from their entire range of models in 2008.