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Top used fun-to-drive picks

In an effort to bring road-going joy to the masses, we've assembled a list of five easy-to-live-with used sporty cars that deliver a lot of driving entertainment for around $10,000.

Top used commuter car picks

Here are five used, easy-to-keep commuter vehicles that can mollify your petro-card bills and let you continue making payments on that all-brick semi in Vaughan.

Top used fuel sippers

Here are five dependable, cheap-to-keep used cars under $8,000 for people who want to spend their summer kicking it on the beach with their own wheels instead of borrowing dad's lame-ass Buick.

Top used SUV picks

If you've got an itch to get into a four-wheeler before winter blows, we've assembled a list of five reliable, used SUVs you can purchase for around $10,000 or less.