• 10 Early bird holiday gifts for a Car Lover

    Get your holiday shopping out of the way with this list of gifts for the car enthusiast in your life.
    • holiday gifts

    With the holidays just around the corner here is a list of ten unique gifts for the car lover in your life. Happy Shopping!

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    • wondergel-extreme-seat-cushion

    Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion

    Who wouldn’t love to sit on a comfy gel seat cushion during a long road trip? This popular brand is used by car and truck drivers and contains the latest gel technology. It comes with a washable zippered cover, non-skid bottom and a convenient handle – what more could you ask for? Website: Wondergel
    • ultimate-car-air-purifier

    Ultimate Car Air Purifier

    Eco Breeze has a car air freshener that is ideal for drivers that don’t want to inhale chemicals and want a fresh smelling car. This car air purifier works by using an electrical charge to produce a stream of negative ions that removes tiny particles from the air caused by smoke, odors, dust, and pollen, and improves air quality overall. Website: Amazon
    • dash-grip-gel-pads

    Dash Grip Gel Pads

    For the person on your list that is always asking you where their keys, glasses, and phone is during road trips they will love sticking all these items seamlessly to their car dashboard. These silicone rubber pads don’t require adhesives and mount easily to keep all their gadgets safely organized. Website: Amazon
    • porsche-coffee-table-book

    Porsche Coffee Table Book

    This is the latest Porsche heritage book by famous automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen. With a Foreword by Jerry Seinfeld this gift will appeal to anyone that appreciates Porsche. Website: Amazon.ca
    • funky-steering-wheel-cover

    Funky Steering Wheel Cover

    For the Star Wars fan on your list this Darth Vader steering wheel cover is a dream come true. It’s easy to install and fits most vehicles. Website: Amazon.ca
    • hockey-stick-snow-brush-with-ice-scraper

    Hockey Stick Snow Brush With Ice Scraper

    If you live in Canada and drive you are going to need an ice scraper. So why not purchase a hockey stick ice scraper, EH? These unique gifts are handmade and have a brush for snow and a scraper for the ice. They are made from recycled composite hockey sticks and you can request a favourite colour or brand. Website: HockeyStickStuff
    • neck-pillow-with-memory-foam

    Neck Pillow With Memory Foam

    If someone on your shopping list takes long road trips they may love this neck pillow made with memory foam. It’s designed to help maintain proper posture and the memory foam shapes to your body to help alleviate muscle tension, plus it’s portable and easily straps to the car seat. Website: Amazon.ca
    • supreme-cup-holder

    Supreme Cup Holder

    This black seat wedge cup holder is a most wished for item in its category on Amazon so you can’t go wrong. This cup holder fits snugly between the car seat and console and is easy to install. It fits two drinks and even has a place for your phone. Website: Amazon.ca
    • dash-cam

    Dashboard Video Recorder

    Hopefully family and friends won’t ever encounter vandalism, break-ins, hit and runs, or car accidents. But if they want to record from their dashboard just in case these dash cams are always recording and will catch what happens to your car with wide-angle HD cameras. Website: BestBuy.ca
  • Mophie Charge Force Vent Mount

    This car gadget allows you to wirelessly charge your phone while driving. Drivers won’t need to worry about cables once they touch the morphine case to the wireless power mount, and it’s all tucked in place magnetically. Website: Mophie