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6 Tips to Avoid Driving under the Influence this Holiday Season

Here at, we want you to keep that beautiful car of yours in perfect condition, but most importantly we want you to be safe and avoid driving under the influence.

Get to your holiday festivities safe and sound by choosing one of these 6 rides

‘Tis the season to enjoy a few drinks and be merry! Your schedule is brimming with holiday parties and what better way to say goodbye to the end of a hectic year than with a few festive cocktails.  Here at, we want you to keep that beautiful car of yours in perfect condition, but most importantly we want you to be safe and avoid driving under the influence.  Here are 6 suggestions to help you plan ahead and arrive safely over the holidays:

Drink & Dial

Drink & Dial  is an elite designated driving service in Ontario.  How it works: drive your car to the party and then book one of their responsible designated drivers to drive you and your car home.   Although Drink & Dial’s rates may seem pricier when you book a driver, keep in mind that your trip to the party will only cost you whatever you burn in gas.  Divide the Drink & Dial cost by 2 trips and compare it to what a cab would cost you.  This service is ideal for someone who shows up at the holiday party planning to drive home but then unexpectedly enjoys a few too many spiked egg nog cocktails.  Call Drink & Dial to ensure that you and your beautiful ride get home safely.  For the month of December 2015 use the promo code WHEELS2015 to receive 10% off of your Drink & Dial ride!

Public Transit 

Public Transit is also a great option during the holidays.   Most cities extend their subway hours as a safety measure to discourage people from getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.   Sometimes cities will even offer free subway rides on New Year’s Eve.  For the past few years, the city of Toronto has offered free subway rides after 10:00pm on December 31st.  Keep checking the TTC’s website to find out if they will do it again this year.  For readers not in Toronto, check your city’s holiday schedule to find out their extended hours and plan your holiday celebrations accordingly.

Limousine Service

If you book a limo in advance you have a guaranteed ride to and from your destination at any time you wish. It may seem pricey, but when you split it with a group of friends it’s not as expensive as you would expect.  Getting a cab on New Year’s Eve is nearly impossible.  Booking a limousine service ahead of time offers you a safe and personalized transportation method.


Pound TAXI, not to be confused with hashtag taxi, is a service available on all cellphones that has been around for years now.  No matter where you are or what your service provider is, just dial #TAXI (#8294) anywhere in Canada and the US.  #TAXI will find the closest available cab ride to wherever you are and send it right away. Dialing #TAXI (#8294) can cost $1.25-$2.50, depending on your service provider.  This is an awesome service on nights such as New Year’s Eve when you call taxi companies and their lines are busy.  On November 30th (2015), Toronto Mayor John Tory announced on CP24 that he aims to level the playing field for Taxis and Uber; he plans to reduce the level of regulations on taxis so that they can compete fairly with Uber.  There is no set date when this will begin; Tory said it will be announced sometime this winter.  Keep this in mind when choosing your mode of transportation.  To find out how much your cab ride would cost you, visit  TaxiWiz which helps you calculate the exact fare of your cab ride in almost any city in the world.


Uber is arguably the most used transportation app on the market today.  They have found an innovative and cheap method to get you from one place to another.  Although Uber is a great choice for inexpensive transportation, keep in mind that Uber has surcharges on busier nights.   Not a lot of people realize that on some nights Uber rides can cost much more than expected. There have been instances where customers have been caught off guard by a substantial increase in price.   Situations have been reported where customers failed to notice the surcharge warning when confirming their Uber rides.   If you plan ahead of time you can start building up some Uber credit to deduct from your rides by inviting your friends to sign up and ride using your personal invite code.  Learn more about earning free rides and credit with Uber by clicking here.  Also, as mentioned above, Toronto Mayor John Tory recently announced that this winter he will be raising the regulation fees for Uber.  This means Uber Toronto’s rates could rise; something to keep in mind when booking your ride.


Did you know that rickshaws operate throughout the winter months? Some rickshaw companies offer rides throughout the winter season; all you have to do is book one ahead of time.  Rickshaws are arguably the cheapest way to be transported throughout the holiday season and the best choice for the environmentally conscious.  Just remember to dress warm!

Whatever option you choose, plan it in advance.  The holiday season, especially New Years, is the most difficult time to book a Drink & Dial, grab an Uber or hail a cab.  You don’t want to be the person who makes a last minute decision to get behind the wheel because they ran out of options.  Plan ahead and arrive safely. Happy Holidays!
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