• 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for a Car Enthusiast

    From the reasonable to the outrageous, ride with us as we look at ten suggestions of car-themed gifts for gearheads.
    • 2016 gift guide
    Matthew Guy

    Scratching your head trying to think of a perfect gift for the car enthusiast on your list this year? Wheels.ca is always here to help, so feel free to keep that box of chocolates for yourself and remove those socks from your online shopping cart. From the reasonable to the outrageous, ride with us as we look at ten suggestions of car-themed gifts for gearheads.

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    • logitech steering wheel

    Gaming Steering Wheel and Pedals

    Have a serious gamer on your list who loves cars? There are plenty of racing wheel and pedal combinations out there which provide a realistic driving experience when the snowy weather dictates driving a virtual Porsche instead of the one in your garage. The Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel has high quality leather covering the wheel and a non-linear brake pedal to mimic the performance of a real hydraulic brake system. Blade-shaped paddles allow sim-racers to rip through virtual gears. Its compact dimensions (about 30cm square) make for easy storage. However, one size doesn’t fit all; separate versions exist for the different types of gaming systems, so make sure to buy the correct unit for your intended application.
    • f-40 top ten

    LEGO Ferrari F40

    The Ferrari F40: 471 horsepower, 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds, and a top speed of 324km/h. Current valuation? In most cases, over a million dollars. Fortunately, one of the greatest supercars of all time is now available in LEGO form. Fans of the Prancing Horse can find this 1158-piece set on the LEGO website for $119.00. This replica mimics the F40’s aerodynamic lines, distinctive rear spoiler, and racing-red bodywork. Brick-built details abound including pop-up headlights and side air intakes. Just like the real thing, a vented rear hatch opens to reveal the twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine.
    • hopkins subzero

    A Good Snow Brush

    Gone are the days when drivers had to brush snow off their vehicle using what amounted to a brittle toothpick studded with paint-destroying bristles. Realizing this, alert entrepreneurs created snow brushes which do more than scratch your car, such as the Hopkins Subzero 60” Quick-Lock Pivoting Snowbroom. Its telescopic handle measures five feet when fully deployed, making it great for great for trucks and SUVs whose windshields are often hard to reach. Car dealerships often use a Sno-Pro for this task, a foam-headed tool designed to avoid nasty paint scratches. While the long handle makes it impractical for in-vehicle storage, keeping one of these units at home near your front door would be quite handy on a snowy winter morning.
    • sirius xm

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio

    Tired of listening to your Significant Other’s warbling rendition of Justin Timberlake with road noise as their only accompaniment? Most vehicles have a satellite radio tuner built right into the infotainment system, so adding the hundreds of channels broadcasted by SiriusXM is as simple as making a phone call or heading to their website. Even if your car doesn’t have this feature, dozens of companies (including SiriusXM themselves) sell standalone car kits which use a built in transmitter or stereo audio output to add satellite radio to just about any vehicle.  
    • Tools


    Santa Claus really can’t go wrong by picking up a few tools for the gearhead on your list. Whether it’s a complete socket set or a just-in-case battery booster pack, adding to the arsenal of equipment in the garage is always a great idea. In a rare case of more not always equating to better, look for socket sets which feature both shallow and deep sockets instead of ones which pad their ‘piece count’ with allen keys and screwdriver bits.
    • V8 Gas grill

    Hot Rod Grill

    Drivers, start your barbeque! This propane grill from Summit Racing Equipment is a lifesized replica of an aluminum block V8 engine, complete with a chrome air cleaner and exhaust headers. Its base is designed to look like an engine stand that one would find in a hot-rod shop. More than just a novelty, the Hot Rod Grill features dual temperature controls, two burners, and an electronic ignition. Oh, and those rad zoomie-style exhaust headers? They serve as vents for the grill, so they’ll emit smoke while you’re cooking those hot dogs and steaks.
    • driving gloves

    Driving Gloves

    Shop Canadian! Simons is a company founded in the 1840’s by a second-generation Quebec entrepreneur. Today, the brand has 13 stores across Canada, selling high quality designer apparel, including products aimed at gearheads like us. Driving gloves, while intended to provide extra grip during high-speed manoeuvers, can nevertheless make even the most road-weary driver feel like Stirling Moss while stuck in gridlock on the Gardiner Expressway. The topstitched driving gloves available at Simons feature snap-button cuffs and are crafted from perforated genuine leather. Starting at $39.95.
    • bridgestone racing academy

    Bridgestone Racing Academy Experience

    Located just outside of Toronto at the world-class Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the Bridgestone Racing Academy offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of either 125hp or 170hp Formula cars and receive driving instruction from trained professionals. Ranging from half-day courses to intensive two-day programs, budding Andrettis of all stripes are sure to be satisfied with the options available. Entry-level sessions involve piloting a single-seat Formula car in formation with an instructor-driven pace car, while longer programs ratchet up the action by including multiple lapping sessions, personal instruction, and podium celebrations. Unsure of which program the racer in your life would appreciate? Hook them up with a Bridgestone Racing Academy gift card and let them choose their own adventure.
    • Lamborghini speakers

    Ixoost EsaVox speaker

    Tired of listening to broadcasts of F1 races through your embarrassingly pedestrian set of home entertainment speakers? The Ixoost EsaVox is crafted out of authentic Lamborghini parts, featuring an original Lambo exhaust. The rest of the speaker is heavily inspired by the savage design style currently deployed by the Italian company, including a power switch shaped like the starter button found on the Huracan and Aventador. One 600 watt amplifier drives two 1-inch tweeters, two 6.5-inch full range speakers, and two 8-inch woofers while an additional 200 watt amp is dedicated to powering a 15-inch subwoofer. Just like an actual Lamborghini, the pricetag of the EsaVox is bound to cause heart palpitations at 19,900 Euros, equating to nearly $28,000 Canadian dollars at current exchange rates.
  • Tickets to a Grand Tour taping

    This will be a tough one to pull off ... but if you do, you’ll have pulled together a gift for the ages. The trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May have begun taping Season One of their new motoring show on Amazon Prime, with an agreement for another year already in place. The studio portion of each episode is filmed in different locations around the world in front of a live audience. To apply for free tickets, fire up your Amazon account and cross your fingers. Those seeking tickets must be at least 18 years old. The online ticket request form asks a couple simple questions about the Grand Tour, and Amazon says applicants may be contacted by email to answer additional questions if they’re one of the lucky few selected to receive tickets. Of course, admittance for the taping is extremely limited and one has to get themselves to the taping location if selected. Still, what an experience!