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10 NFL Players and Their Cars

Professional athletes have the means to splurge on dream cars and NFL players are no exception. Here are 10 awesome cars driven by NFL superstars

Scoring a touchdown on the field and at the dealership­­

Professional athletes have the means to splurge on dream cars and NFL players are no exception. Here are 10 awesome cars driven by NFL superstars:

 Adrian Peterson – Cadillac Escalade

peterson escalade

It has been reported that Adrian Peterson, arguably the best running back in the NFL, owns anything from a Cadillac Escalade, to a BMW M6, to a Ford F150…all of which are up to 5 years old. After his one year suspension without pay in the 2014 season, Peterson lost his endorsement deal from Nike. This year he came back in the 2015 NFL season with a vengeance and is at the top of his game. Adrian is not only dominating on the field, but he’s also dominating again with endorsements as he just signed a deal with Adidas. This is the perfect opportunity for the Minnesota Viking to update his ride.

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Rob Gronkowski – Mercedes-AMG S63

s63 amg

 This summer Rob Gronkowski, the Patriot`s tight end, posted his new ride on Twitter. A representative at Mercedes Benz Burlington (where he purchased it) said Gronk’s Mercedes-AMG S63 can be optioned with a small fridge in the back for er…water.

Russel Wilson – Mercedes Benz G63 AMG


If you’re curious about what Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson drives, visit his Instagram account. He often posts a picture of the inside of his AMG G-wagon letting his fans know which music is on his playlist. Often, you’ll find him listening to his girlfriend Ciara’s songs.

Calvin Johnson – Porsche Panamera


It has been reported that Megatron drives a blue Porsche Panamera. The Detroit Lions’ wide receiver apparently bought this 1st generation Panamera back in 2013 and has been driving it ever since.

Marshawn Lynch – Jaguar F-Type


In October (2015), TMZ Sports got footage of a car accident involving Fred Jackson as a result of him allegedly street racing a random Dodge Charger driver. Nearby were pals Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman who stopped in to check on Fred. There was no confirmation if Sherman and Lynch were involved in the race, but Marshawn showed up in Jaguar F-type, which remained in perfect condition. As seen in the screen shot. Watch the video HERE:

Larry Fitzgerald – 1968 Dodge Charger


Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals has been open about his love for cars. In fact, he posted an interview to Facebook done by the Wall Street Journal about his car collection.   Fitzgerald told the WSJ that he owns quite a few classics, which he favours to newer vehicles. Of all, he says the 1968 Dodge Charger is his number 1 because he went to great lengths to restore it.

­Cam Newton – Flatback 1969 Chevelle


In October 2015, Ultimate Audio in South Carolina released photos of Cam Newton’s 1969 Chevelle as they were customizing it in their garage. After the quarterback “drops dabs,” he drives off in this classic ride painted matte black with black rims.

Chris Johnson – Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder

458 spyder

Chris Johnson, running back for the Arizona Cardinals, doesn’t mind letting fans know which car he drives. He posted two photos to his Instagram recently of him beside his white Ferrari.

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Tom Brady – Audi R8

tom brady r8

Anyone who knows football knows Tom Brady. Arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league, this New England Patriot is also known for his style. Whether he’s seen dressed in high fashion outfits or parading around on the red carpet with his supermodel wife – there is nothing Brady does without flare. His driving is no exception; we’ve seen Tom in a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce, but our favourite has to be his Audi R8.

Odell Beckham Jr. – McLaren MP4-12C

mp4-12c odell

The Giants’ wide receiver is clearly a car enthusiast. Most athletes try not to divulge what they drive to the public to avoid getting followed by fans, but not Odell. This year, we’ve seen him post pictures on Instagram of his custom Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG and his Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. We love all of his cars, especially his matte orange McLaren MP4 12C . One might say spending a lot of money on cars is a “rookie mistake,” but OBJ is currently averaging 100 yards per game. If he keeps it up, he could buy all the cars he’s ever wanted.
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