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Every EV Currently on Sale in Canada 

The list of EVs on sale continues to grow for 2021

By Chris D'Alessandro Wheels.ca

Apr 10, 2021 6 min. read

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It wasn’t that long ago — really just a few years — where there were only two basic options when buying an electric car.

Option A was to buy an overpriced economy car. Your second option was to take out a second mortgage, become a stock trading genius or take up a side hustle as an Instagram influencer so you could buy a Tesla Model S or X with their more luxe interiors, dignified styling, blistering acceleration, and a myriad of unique, tech-bro pleasing features.

Now, however, as EVs grow in popularity and manufacturers present greater commitments to electrification, the options list for EVs available for 2021 has really opened up, with even more models set to arrive for the 2022 and 2023 model years. Truly, there is now an EV on the market to fit just about every budget.

If you’re looking to get into an EV today, these are your options.

Audi e-Tron

From $85,600

357 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Audi set the world ablaze when they unveiled their new e-Tron SUV. Mostly because it was an electric car that was styled to look like something you really wanted in your life. The Sportback model is even sexier.


BMW i3 

From $44,950

246 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

The BMW iX SUV and i4 Gran Coupe EVs are still on the way. With the absence of the i8 sports car, the i3 city car is the only electrified BMW you can drive out of a showroom today. Larry David drives one on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Which means it must be the least annoying car in the world to own. Or maybe it’s just because BMW has great licorice in the showroom (that’s a Curb reference, not an actual thing).


Chevrolet Bolt EV

From $44,998

417 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

The Bolt made its mark for being the first EV to have long range at an affordable price, and truly, that’s still the best reason to consider buying one.


Ford Mustang Mach E

From $50,495

378 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

The very best thing about a Mustang Mach E is how upset it will make the sort of people who refuse to convert their music collection to a new format because they don’t understand about computers.

Aside from being the source of grumblings of an increasingly irrelevant generation (music to my ears), buying a Mach E means you get a great badge, some of the best styling of any EV currently on sale (thanks in part its Mustang inspiration), a respectable range and sincere performance to rival most gasoline-powered ‘Stangs.


Hyundai Kona Electric 

From $44,999

415 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

If a cool badge and performance are of no concern to you, then the Kona Electric may present a compelling alternative to the Mustang Mach E thanks to its undercut price and increased range.


Hyundai IONIQ Electric 

From $41,599

274 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

If performance, styling, cargo space and even range fall very, very down on your list of priorities, then the Hyundai IONIQ Electric presents a more budget-friendly EV option. It’s a fine option perhaps for the city-dwelling EV buyer with its abundance of driver-assist options and eco-friendly interior.


Jaguar I-Pace

From $91,000

377 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Jaguar’s first all-electric car really raises the bar in terms of EV styling. Most notable perhaps is how they haven’t telegraphed its electrified heart in any way (the way other manufacturers might avoid a grill with their EVs, for example).

It looks like what it is; a fast, sexy, luxury SUV.


Kia Niro EV 

From $44,995

385 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Another vehicle notable for its budget-friendly price relative to its longer range. While that budget-friendliness may be most apparent in the nasty interior, it is fairly well-equipped and is capable of fast charging.

Kia Soul EV 

From $42,995

248 - 383 km range

Kia Soul EV

Also known as the e-Soul, The Soul EV has the same powertrain as Kia Niro EV and Hyundai Kona Electric in the Limited trim, has the abundance of options you’d expect from a top-trim Kia, and is competitivley priced with a respectable range.


Mini Electric 

From $39,990

177 km range


2021 Mini Cooper SE


The Mini electric is a tough sell. It has the sort of range that we used to mock EVs for a decade ago and you don’t exactly get a break on price for that sacrifice. However, what you do get is Mini’s infamous agile handling.


Nissan Leaf

From $44,298

363 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

The Nissan Leaf has been around for some time now. And while the range, performance and tech have all improved, the styling hasn’t. It looks so uninspired and humdrum, you can’t help but think that it’s cars like this which are resulting in less young people getting their driver’s license.


Polestar 2

From $69,900

375 km range

While the exterior styling is a little… reserved and the range leaves something to be desired when comparing against the Tesla Model 3 (that “something” being about 200 km), there’s no denying the Polestar 2’s performance capabilities and tastefully stylish interior.


Porsche Taycan 

From $119,900

309 - 323 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada


Porsche’s first all-electric car left a lot to be desired in the range department — especially compared to the Tesla Model S. However, what it doesn’t lack is the kind of proper performance and classically beautiful styling you would expect from a Porsche. Also the Turbo S variant makes the equivalent of 751 horsepower. Buy one of those so that you’ll get to tell people in their Hellcats how “cute” they are.


Tesla Model 3

From $52,990

568 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Despite their ubiquity, it’s hard to deny just how superiorly positioned the Model 3 is in the market compared to literally every other EV. Sure, it’s a bit of a premium over some entry-level EVs, but the Model 3 has a vastly superior range, options list and performance capability compared to its direct competition.

It’s a no-brainer purchase for those shopping for an EV and that’s probably why you’ll continue to see more and more of them on the road.


Tesla Model S

From $114,900

628 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Perhaps the only thing really wrong with the Model S at this point is the existence of the Model 3 — which captures a good portion of the Model S’ range and performance capabilities at half the price.

Still, the Model S remains at the top of the podium when it comes to range, and boasts a healthy list of entertainment and driver aid options.

The new three-motor variant promises 1,020 horsepower and with the right tires, according to Elon Musk, is good for 200 miles per hour and a 1.99-second zero to 100 km/h time. Which is fully “ludicrous”.


Tesla Model X

From $124,990

547 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

It’s perhaps best to think of the Model X as the Model S in family SUV form. Of course, I don’t know any other family-size SUVs with rear gull-wing doors and which can do a standing quarter-mile in 11.4 second.


Tesla Model Y 

From $69,990

525 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

Picking between the Model 3 and and Model Y is a sweaty decision. If track mode is of any concern to you, then save a few dollars and go for the Model 3, as there are no plans to introduce track mode to the Model Y.

Of course, if you need to seat up to 7, the Model Y is the one you want. Also, the Model Y has a whopping 68 cubic feet of total cargo space, compared to the Model 3’s 15.


Volkswagen e-Golf

From $37,895

198 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

What the e-Gof lacks in range, it more than makes up for in price. Sure, it’s currently the most expensive way to get into a VW Golf this year, but it’s also the very cheapest way to get into the EV market, while still offering great features from the standard Golf.


Volvo XC40 Recharge 

From $64,9504

335 km range

EV Currently on Sale in Canada

The XC40 Recharge has two big flaws. The first is that it’s cheaper to buy the gasoline-powered model. The second is the range when compared to the Model Y. Still, the XC40 offers some attractive styling and Volvo’s trademark, thoughtfully designed interior.





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