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6 of the Ugliest Cars of All Time 

These cars are so ugly that only a mother could love..

By Bobby Roshdi Wheels.ca

Nov 16, 2015 4 min. read

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Cars can have the beauty of a Mexican sunset or the ugliness of a B movie love scene. For every car that takes your breath away, there’s one that should turn you into stone, like a 4-wheeled Medusa. Here are 6 of the ugliest cars. These cars are so ugly that only a mother could love. And since cars don’t have parents (unless you count the manufacturing plant), they are simply:


You ain’t got no alibi you ugly
Eh! Hey! You ugly.

1. Pontiac Aztek (AKA: Breaking Dad)

So ugly that only the most badass fictional character in history could drive it: Walter White.

Pontiac Aztek

Remember when you were a child and you built Lego that, in your mind’s eye, was the most aesthetically pleasing and funky creation ever? But in reality, it was a mish mash of blocks and colours that looked like a rectangular acid trip. That is probably what the good people at Pontiac were experiencing when designing the Aztek. Overjoyed at what they thought was a fantastic design, they didn’t realize they created a Frankenstein monster.

2. Oldsmobile Omega (AKA: OMG Becky!)

Much like the X-90 (which could be a code name for a new member to the X-Men), the Omega also had a kickass name. Sadly, that was the only kickass thing about it. Manufactured for only decade, each update looked uglier and uglier; it eventually resembled a brick cosplaying as a car. The grill was so hideous that it looked like a cheese grater on steroids. There was a rumour that stated once you got behind the wheel, you instantly aged 15 years and developed arthritis. It’s fitting that Oldsmobile was the manufacturer of the Omega.

Oldsmobile Omega

3. Lamborghini Veneno (AKA: Midlife Crisis)

“But, a Lamborghini can’t be ugly! It’s a Lamborghini!”

Lamborghini Veneno

Surprise! Yes, even a Lamborghini could look like a combination of sports car and a futuristic shaving machine. Supermodels (or me) can have bad days and so can an automotive manufacturer; the Veneno represented several bad days for the good folks at Lamborghini. It’s as if the Veneno was narcissism personified. It’s a shame that this car is ugly since it was based on its stunning sibling, the Aventador.

4. Chrysler PT Cruiser (AKA: I’d Rather Ride The Bus)

PT stands for Personal Transport, a redundant name for a car. It could have been called the Part Time, since it was only manufactured for a decade due to abysmal sales and lackluster interest; only 1.35 million unites worldwide.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Retro styles can work very well at times, but not in the case of the PT; the car resembles a turtle with a shoebox for a shell. I know that sounds confusing, but just look at it. To further ugly it up, you could even opt for 2 special factory edition packages: the flame package, which were flame decals for your inner 15 year old (or you could light up the car yourself for the insurance money) and; the woodie package, which featured simulated wood panels that went around most of the car. It was for people that wanted their car to resemble a wooden cabin in the Rockies.

5. Suzuki X-90 (AKA: What Were They Smoking)

You may have seen the X-90 before, particularly as a Red Bull promo vehicle (before Mini Coopers were used). The X-90 sold so poorly that it was pulled from the US market after only 2 years. Sometimes good things come in small packages, but not in this case; only 2 people, or one NBA shooting guard, could fit in the car. The X-90 resembles what Peter Dinklage or Danny DeVito would look if they were reinCARnated. This car was definitely unique for it’s time; even its ads had a psychedelic feel to it. The tag line was “What Are You Staring At?” The answer: this monstrosity.

Suzuki X-90

6. Fiat Multipla

Straight up, this car looks like it has a paint-oriented disease.

If this car were a meme, it’d be the sad Frog Man.

Fiat Multipla

Shocking to absolutely no one, this car was produced only between 1998 and 2010. This car was so ugly to look at that it was operated on like a Kardashian and endured a massive facelift. Here’s the before and after. The Multipa looks like it was inspired by someone that wanted to eat a muffin but couldn’t since they were dieting so a muffin top car was created to satiate their appetite. Even the headlights are weird as they resemble the eyes of an animal on magic mushrooms or alien.
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