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6 Cars Even Celebrities Can’t Afford

Celebrities have everything, but there’s one thing that keeps them in touch with peasants like us, and that’s super cars that even they can’t afford.

By Bobby Roshdi Wheels.ca

Nov 23, 2015 3 min. read

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It seems like celebrities can afford anything. Whether it’s lawyers who can get them off the hook for murder or expensive cars, they got more green than the Amazon. But like Big Foot, there is a tier of cars that elusive even for them. Even the most successful of celebs like George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio and Dustin Diamond (LOL!) would struggle to acquire these.

1. Maybach Exelero Concept

Cost: $8 million

Wow Factor: Commissioned by Fulda (a tire manufacturer) to test its high-performance tires. Read that again; a company commissioned a super luxury performance vehicle to run high speed track tests. If a very fancy limousine and a super car made love, this would be its child. Fun historical note, the Exelero was based on the Maybach 57. Although there were reports that Birdman aka Bryan Williams had purchased the Exelero, as of yet they’ve been unfounded.

2. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Cost $4.8 million

Wow Factor: Possibly the rarest car in the world as only 2 have been manufactured due to the difficulty and time required to manufacture the special white carbon fiber. According to the good folks at Koenigsegg, the custom carbon fiber weave “shines like millions of diamonds when sun hits the car.” If you’ve got new money and are looking to make an impression, having a diamond car is the way to go. Floyd “Money” Mayweather actually purchased a Trevita, but his nickname is Money so it shouldn’t be a shocker that he’s the only celebrity outlier on this list.

3. Ferrari FXX K

Cost: 2.7 million

Wow Factor: According to Ferrari, the FXX K will never be used in competition and was developed to be completely uncompromising. If Jason Statham was a car, he would be the FXX K because they are both beautifully built and uncompromising. You can’t even buy one, but you can buy the rights to use them (aka rent) during specified Ferrari track events. That, and the fact that they aren’t street legal make them an insane purchase. It’s a racing version of the Ferrari LaFerrari and only been 32 have been manufactured. You can’t buy this car with Hollywood money but if you’ve got Google money, like Google VP Benjamin Sloss, you can land one.

4. Lykan Hypersport

Cost: 3.4 million

Wow Factor: Created by W Motors, a Dubai-based automotive company that also happens to be the first Arab manufacturer of luxury cars. You may not have heard of the Lykan Hypersport, but you saw it in Furious 7 when Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto drives the car off and through the Etihad Towers. The car has LED headlights with either 220 or 420 encrusted diamonds or precious stones built into it. Only 7 have been made and you can catch one (or it can catch you) if you’re committing a crime in Abu Dhabi as the police force has one that is actively used.

5. Lamborghini Veneno

Cost: $4 million

Wow Factor: Only 3 of them have been made. Ever. The Veneno looks like it could be a futuristic shaving machine or an alien car. This car wasn’t based on the futuristic vehicles from movies but rather the Aventador LP700-4 and was created to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. I celebrated my birthday with a slice, not an entire cake, but a slice of cake. Lamborghini is making my life look sad.

6. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

Cost: 1.8 milliom

Wow Factor: Only 5 have been produced. It features a Mercedes-Benz AMG 12V engine and has more horsepower than a stable; 678 HP to be precise. It’s also street legal, if you can find one. And even if you do, you might have to do something illegal to actually drive it since we know you can’t afford it.
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