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Europe on Two Wheels: The art of Luxury Travel

Alexandra Straub from Driving Television goes on a trip to Europe and shows us what luxury travel is all about.

By Alexandra Straub Wheels.ca

Sep 29, 2015 3 min. read

Article was updated 8 years ago

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Luxury travel can be defined in an infinite amount of ways.

It could be in regards to price, or quality, or content, or exclusivity.

Luxuries can also be in the form of having someone take care of all the planning, so all you have to do is show up and allow yourself to have a good time.

Edelweiss Bike Travel knows a thing or two about putting together a fabulous program.

For over 36 years, they’ve been organizing motorcycle programs globally.

A recent jaunt to Europe for their Breweries and Castles tour took the group of international riders through five countries over the 13-day event. Of the 13 days, 11 are spent riding; though there are 2 optional rest days in which you can take a break and stretch your legs!

And as the name suggests, there were ample castles along the way. And perhaps a libation or two after the bikes had gone to sleep at night.

The beauty of this type of travel/vacation is to arrive and ride.

Our tour started in Mainz, Germany – just southwest of Frankfurt. From there, we travelled west, towards Luxembourg. After that, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the big loop concluded back in Mainz.
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If you want to shut your brain off – except for paying attention while riding – you have that luxury. The routes are all planned for you so you can absorb the incredible surroundings.

Highways are not the rule, they’re the exception.

Most of the roads that were mapped for us lead through charming towns, along pastoral fields and elegant countrysides.

Watching out for the rider behind you is the hardest work you’ll have to do all day.

Atop the BMW R1200R – a fantastic bike for touring – I had the luxury of heated grips on the colder days, which seemed to be the norm despite it being the tail end of summer.

Having saddlebags and a top case allowed me to carry a few additional personal items – like my camera and extra layers – in case the weather changed. And it did. Frequently.

Then there’s the luxury or cruise control, though it wasn’t often used because the roads we traveled had very few links to major highways.

The twists, turns, switchbacks and sweeping back country roads of the guided tour made for an engaging adventure.

While the guides can’t control the weather (darn!) come prepared for anything.

That includes learning about the various regions you’re visiting, challenging s-curve after s-curve, and immersing yourself in various cultures.

No matter how much or how little money you spend along the way, the experience of the tour will make you a richer person for it.

Or if it’s just phenomenal roads you’re chasing, they’ll give that luxury to you, too.


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