Base Camp: 2022 GMC Sierra 1500

By Matthew Guy Wheels.ca

May 25, 2022 3 min. read

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Despite the massive popularity of four-door Crew Cab four-wheel drive pickup trucks, there was a time when pickups were generally two-door affairs with a short box and power going to the rear wheels only. If the thing was blessed with a headliner, then it was surely the talk of the farm.

Believe it or not, such machines are still available, putting an exclamation point on the fact that there must be enough buyers to make their production worthwhile. Ford has been hawking this old-school configuration for ages, and the GM twins have recently jumped back into the regular cab / short box game. With good proportions, only two doors, and limited practicality compared to their work-focused long box brothers, this author calls ‘em the personal coupes of pickup trucks.

2022 GMC Sierra

A regular cab standard bed GMC Sierra can be configured with that model’s new-for-2022 sheet metal, meaning this lone wolf truck isn’t confined to yesterday’s clothes. Painted silver wheels bring a retro vibe, while chrome bumpers front and rear bring a dose of bling. Thanks to economies of scale, even this base trim Pro gets the LED head- and taillamps found on more expensive trucks, plus heated power side mirrors and lamps in the cargo area. Paint shades range from basic black to this tasty red.

GM has long binned the low-tech naturally aspirated V6 of yesteryear, meaning this $36,848 truck is equipped with a dandy 2.7-litre turbo cranking out 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. That latter figure was the domain of diesels not too long ago. Adding four-wheel drive balloons the bottom line by a heady $4,900 if you’re wondering.

Despite the Pro trim’s zooty new exterior, it retains the old truck’s cabin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for anyone seeking a work truck, since the interior is functional and familiar, but if you’re seeking large infotainment screens and gee-whiz tech you will need to look elsewhere. As it stands, this 2022 Pro is equipped with a vinyl bench seat (cloth is a no-charge option), rubber covered floors, chunky controls, and the all-important air conditioning. Clever storage solutions found on Sierra trucks further up the food chain are present as well.

What We'd Choose

An option quirk worth noting is the level of equipment included in the $450 trailering package. That group adds a trailer hitch and wiring plus an automatic locking rear differential. The latter is very important on a two-wheel drive truck since an open rear carrier will instantly turn your shiny Sierra 4x2 into a one-wheel drive machine. Why pick the trailering package? Because the locking rear diff is available as a stand-alone option – for $450. Might as well get the hitch and wiring for free, eh? A set of LT-grade tires can replace the passenger car rubber (also for $450) and cruise control can be had on its own for 250 bucks. We’d leave spendy items like the MultiPro tailgate on the cutting room floor.

2022 GMC Sierra

There’s an eternal debate in some circles about the gotta-have-it mindset towards four-wheel drive, with one side saying it’s a rarely used option that adds weight and the other crew saying it proves its worth the first time you need it. Either way, get the LT-grade tires and budget for a good set of winters later in the year. Turns out not every truck need be a Crew Cab behemoth after all.




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