2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ Coupe Review

With the arrival of more sophisticated electric luxury sedans, is a car like the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 still relevant?

By William Clavey Wheels.ca

Aug 9, 2022 6 min. read

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Mercedes-Benz sure knows how to dominate niche markets. It even excels at creating segments that didn’t exist before. The AMG GT is a perfect example. What started out in life as Mercedes’ flagship supercar, quickly morphed into an entire lineup of variants, such as this GT 4-Door sedan.

What’s interesting about the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ Coupe (try repeating that three times without stumbling), is that it shares almost nothing with the AMG GT supercar. Its platform and drivetrain are instead taken from an E-Class wagon.

This is therefore yet another highly expensive, highly luxurious, and stinkingly quick sedan from Mercedes-AMG. The question is, is there still room for this kind of vehicle in today’s rapidly changing automotive landscape?

It’s worth asking the question, because for this $154,000 Rubelite Red example, Mercedes itself will sell you the much more sophisticated and quicker off the line EQS electric sedan.

2022 Mercedes AMG GT 53

A Love Letter to BMW

If the AMG GT 4-Door even exists, it’s mainly BMW’s fault. The car was mainly put to market to take on the 8 Series Gran Coupé. If the top tog AMG GT63 and GT63 S models serve as rivals to the M8 and M8 Competition, the GT53 is poised to go head-to-head with an M850i.

Powering this enormous sedan is a technologically advanced hybrid powertrain. At its core lies a turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six that’s mated to a 0.9 kWh lithium-ion battery and a tiny electric motor. On its own, this motor acts as an electric supercharger, adding 21 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque to the car’s final output. The combined figures stand at 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque. It’s all channeled through Mercedes-AMG’s 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system via a nine-speed multi-clutch automatic transmission.

While not the kingpin of the AMG GT lineup, the GT53 is still no slouch, sprinting from 0-96 km/h in a brisk 4.1 seconds and continuing up to a governor-limited top speed of 280 km/h.

2022 Mercedes AMG GT 53

A Snug Cabin and a Lot of Buttons

To further accentuate the fact that this is the sedan version of a high-performance sports coupe, Mercedes made sure to aggressively slope the 4-door’s windshield way back to mimic the snug feeling of the AMG GT’s cockpit. So, although this is technically a midsize E-Class underneath, the GT-4’s interior proportions were compromised in favour of a sporty design.

This is particularly apparent at the rear where the car’s steeply raked rear leads to limited headroom for tall passengers. Legroom, on the other hand is fine, but not great. The AMG GT 4-Door is also not a five-seater like an E-Class, but better suited for 4 adults.

2022 Mercedes AMG GT 53

But while this is a tight cabin, this AMG GT still knows how to envelop its passengers in premium luxury and craftsmanship. While not as advanced as the EQS’ Hyperscreen, the AMG GT-4’s boat-like dashboard design, with the now customary circular air vents, remains absolutely stunning. Build quality is second to none, with the Mercedes-expected thump as the doors slam shut in an almost airtight manner.

Of course, this being a Benz means no stones were unturned as to the materials used. Door lock mechanisms are made of brushed aluminum, paddle shifters are constructed from one solid piece of metal, and the entire dashboard and door inserts are enhanced with elegant veneers.

Everything else is either covered in leather or brushed aluminum, notably the centre console which incorporates a wide array of buttons. It appears like it was taken straight out of a command ship.

That console is intense at first, as some of its buttons are duplicated on the steering-wheel mounted dials. But once you’ve gotten your head around them, it’s all rather easy to operate.

2022 Mercedes AMG GT 53

It's the same story for the large digital tablet that spans the dashboard. It houses the Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment interface that incorporates a slew of customizable features, from how the gauges are displayed to color-rich ambient lighting. The system itself can either be operated using touch-sensitive controls or a center-mounted trackpad. It’s generally quick to respond and while there is a learning curve to this system, it manages to quickly disappear into the background when you’re driving.

Although the AMG GT53 is packed with high-tech toys and masters the art of relaxing its driver through immensely comfortable seats, it lacks basic amenities that are expected from a car of this price tag. For instance, the sunroof is a standard type and not a full panoramic setup. That’s quite disappointing. There’s also no wireless phone charger and no wireless Android Auto connectivity, features that can now be found in a humble Honda Civic.

2022 Mercedes AMG GT 53

Satisfyingly Quick, Surprisingly Agile

From a performance standpoint, the GT53 may not have the GT63’s V8 thrust, but its robust inline six is still no slouch. While it does take a bit of time to get up and go, once it starts climbing through the revs, it delivers its performance in a linear and consistent manner all the way to its redline. You’ll need to drop a few gears to extract everything it has in stock but doing so using the paddles is an act you’ll want to repeat often.

Out on a twisty piece of tarmac, the GT53’s 4,563-lb curb weight is immediately felt in the corners, but the 275-wide front tires do a fantastic job of keeping the front end well planted to mitigate understeer. On corner exit, the 315-wide rears shoulder the meat of the power from this rear-biased setup, leading to a beautifully stable machine. The GT53 doesn’t get the GT63’s all-wheel steering setup, but it still harmoniously carves its way through a corner due to the lower unsprung weight from the inline six. I do wish that engine was a tad more vocal, however, and I would have enjoyed a bit more pop from that exhaust, especially within the car’s eager Sport+ and Track modes.

The 2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ is not long for this world. While highly luxurious and technically impressive, it’s easily overshadowed by fresher electric alternatives from Mercedes itself. I’ll even add that with the arrival of new contenders like the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT, Lucid Air, and Tesla Model S Plaid, there are few reasons left to choose this AMG GT53.

The vehicle was provided to the writer by the automaker. Content and vehicle evaluations were not subject to approval.

2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+

BODY STYLE: Full-size sedan

CONFIGURATION: Front engine, all-wheel drive

ENGINE: 3.0-liter turbocharged and hybrid inline six (combined 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque)

TRANSMISSION: 9-speed automatic

FUEL CONSUMPTION: 11.2 L/100 km (combined), 12.3 L/100 km (city), 9.8 L/100 km (highway)



PRICE: $154,600 (as tested)

WEBSITE: Mercedes-Benz





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