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XTS Offers More than a few Favourite Things 

A week wasn’t enough to discover all the options the V-Sport Premium has to offer, starting with a heads-up display, it provides every luxury imaginable.

By Mike Johnston Wheels.ca

Dec 11, 2017 4 min. read

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“It looks like the Batmobile”, said a co-worker as I pulled into his driveway,  looking forward to a long overdue poker game.

The Cadillac XTS doesn’t have the crime-fighting gadgets built in to the Batmobile but when you are behind the wheel the luxury items in the XTS will make you feel more like millionaire Bruce Wayne than his alter ego, Batman.

The Cadillac XTS is a sedan that provides every luxury imaginable making any drive a happy occasion.

The XTS comes in numerous trims starting with the XTS; XTS Luxury; XTS Premium Luxury; XTS Platinum and XTS V-Sport Platinum. The trims also come in front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Most car manufacturers provide automotive journalists with the top-of-the-line model so they can see all the options the car has to offer. GM stayed true to that which allowed me a week in the XTS V-Sport Platinum.

But a week wasn’t enough to discover all the options the V-Sport has to offer.

2018 Cadillac XTS review

As the song says, here are just a few of my favourite things.

The V-Sport features front bucket seats that can be adjusted 22 ways. The seats also provide a massage feature. Chose your type of massage, knead or roll, set how deep you want the massage and relax. The driver’s seat also has an anti-fatigue setting.

My wife enjoyed the massage feature and we both agreed the roll setting was more enjoyable.

At night, when you unlock the car using the remote, the door handles light up which offers a very sophisticated look.

The Bose 14-speaker sound system offers one of the best sounds I have heard in a luxury sedan.

The Driver Awareness Package features a package of safety features such as forward collision and side blind-zone alert but I liked the safety alert seat that vibrated on the side the car sensed a potential problem.

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The rear-view camera also offers a split screen that shows your position from above so you can see everything around you.

Put the car in park, walk away and if you have forgotten to lock it don’t worry, the XTS takes care of that for you and lets you know the doors are locked with a toot from the horn.

And as well as the XTS is designed on the inside, the guts of this luxury sedan are second to none.

The 3.6-litre twin-turbo engine produces 410 hp with 369 lb/ft of torque.

All those numbers mean the XTS takes off like a missile when you put your foot on the gas pedal and the four-wheel antilock performance brakes stop it on a dime. The six-speed automatic transmission was seamless.

It goes without saying the drive was very smooth and the rear seats had more than enough room for five adults.

2018 Cadillac XTS review

And if you have a lot of stuff to haul, the XTS’s trunk seems to go on forever with 18 cubic feet of space, more than enough room for a few sets of golf clubs and some luggage.

The cabin is nicely laid out and I can’t remember hearing any outside sounds while driving.

The instrument cluster is very clean and you can set it up to your liking.

I put the map on to see if it would always know where I was. It worked in the south end of Durham Region but a trip to Brooklin in north Whitby had the system fooled with some of the roads not showing up.

The XTS also has a heads-up display just above the steering wheel but I found it more annoying than helpful and turned if off for the week.

When I get a vehicle for the week I like to take a look through the manual to see if there is anything I didn't notice.

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With the XTS what I didn't know was how to open the glove box. A quick look on You Tube showed me there is a button on the dash you push to get into the glove box. I wonder if it works if the battery was to die.

Those are just two small issues in a sedan that is the very definition of luxury.

This was the first Cadillac I have driven and it has whetted my appetite to get behind the wheel of more vehicles in GM’s upscale line of vehicles.

2018 Cadillac XTS review

2018 Cadillac XTS V-Sport Premium 

BODY STYLE: Five-passenger luxury sedan.

DRIVE METHOD: All-wheel drive, six-speed automatic transmission.

ENGINE: 3.6-litre twin turbo direct injection V6 (410 hp, 369 Lb/ft).

FUEL ECONOMY: 15/10.2L/100 km (city/hwy)

CARGO: 18 cu ft

PRICE: $80,410.


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