Your Beef: Warranty honoured for springs in Saab 9-3

After Your Beef intervened, GM paid $584 of the $839 total repair cost. They wouldn't cover the front-end alignment and another part, but I’m satisfied.

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I purchased a used 2006 Saab 9-3 in 2009, with one year of the GM warranty remaining.

In February 2010, I received a recall notice regarding the coil springs and providing a 10-year/193,000-km warranty on that part. It said not to visit the dealer unless I suspected a problem.

In August 2012, the coil springs broke. It was towed and the springs replaced at a Woodstock GM dealer for $839. The mileage was 66,256 km — well within warranty parameters. I presented the recall letter, but was charged anyhow.

I’d like to be reimbursed as per the recall notice.

Faye Roberts, communications director for General Motors of Canada, replies:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have been able to work directly with the customer to resolve the issue, although due to privacy concerns, I am not able to provide specific details.

However, I can advise that, in keeping with our statement at the time of Saab’s bankruptcy, GM Canada has taken the steps to ensure that warranty obligations on Saab vehicles sold by GM in Canada will be honoured.

Your reader’s vehicle is in this category (sold before Aug. 16, 2010). We recognize that the situation has been complicated with all the legal proceedings in recent months and appreciate our customer’s patience as we worked together to resolve the issue.

Update from our reader:

After Your Beef intervened, GM paid $584 of the $839 total repair cost. They wouldn’t cover the front-end alignment and another part, but I’m satisfied.

On a Carfax vehicle history report, my vehicle is red-flagged as having an “odometer inconsistency” because Drive Clean mistakenly entered mileage less than on my previous e-test.

If I notify them, will Drive Clean correct this error that unfairly stigmatizes my vehicle and negatively affects its resale value?

Kate Jordan, spokesperson for Drive Clean, replies:

The odometer reading during a Drive Clean emissions test is entered manually by the inspector. Carfax receives vehicle information from a number of sources. Inaccuracies can be corrected directly through Carfax.

Visit and click on “How can I fix information on the report” or e-mail

Eric Lai adds:

The mileage input during the test doesn’t appear on your Drive Clean test printout, so you wouldn’t be able to catch the error and have it immediately rectified.

Basically, your only protection would be to read the odometer alongside the tester, ensure he/she writes it down correctly, and then hope they enter it correctly.

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