BMW Gives X5 and X6 617 hp M-akeover

BMW is offering the luxury crossover and crossover coupe with a twin-turbo V8

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Oct 2, 2019 3 min. read

Article was updated 4 years ago

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BMW has just announced the latest M models. This time it's the midsize crossovers with the X5 and X6 getting the M treatment. And what a treat it is, with the pair getting up to 617 hp when they arrive on sale in the spring.

That's right, BMW is offering the luxury crossover and crossover coupe with a twin-turbo V8 that makes 600 hp in standard X5M and X6M guide. That's 33 hp more than the model it replaces and the 553 lb-ft of torque is delivered over a rev range 1,090 wider than before.

If that's not quite enough power for you, step up to the Competition model and get 617 hp to go with that torque. Both get an M Steptronic eight-speed automatic that can use navigation data to match shifts to the terrain and corners. Shifting before you need it to instead of after commanded by the throttle. There's also an M-specific all-wheel drive system with an Active M differential in the rear that works to shift power between the rear wheels, in order to ensure maximum grip.

It lets the two push from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds for the standard XMs and a tenth quicker for the Competition. Top speed is 250 km/h, but an M Driver's Package raises that to 285 and, maybe more effective in making you faster, includes a voucher for driver training at either of BMW's US Performance Center Driving Schools.



Showing off that power is a dual exhaust system designed for the Ms that comes with a pair of 100 mm diameter tailpipes and lets you make the sound louder or softer with a button in the centre console. The Competition models get an M Sports Exhaust that is even louder.

BMW says the suspension settings were tested out in the south of France, the north of Sweden, and, of course, that certain track in Germany. The automaker says that means the X5 and X6 M are tuned for all-year use. The chassis tuning includes an adaptive suspension with active roll stabilization with comfort, sport, and sport plus modes. There is also additional chassis stiffening and firmer engine mounts to help keep the big body under control.

Bringing everything to a stop are 395 mm front brake rotors with six-piston calipers, with 380 mm single-pots in the back. The rubber is a massive 295 wide front tire on a 21-inch rim with 315s on 22s out back. Competition versions get the same size, but a different wheel design.

Letting you know you're looking at an M, while also cooling the beast under the hood, the M models get massive new front air intakes. The light-up grille of the standard X5 and X6 isn't offered here, instead, there's a double-bar grille that flows more air.



Inside, they get red accents for the sport seats, along with red, blue, and white M stitching on the wheel and shift lever. The centre console gets extra padding, protecting your knees in turns.

The X5 M and X6 M also get new modes for the head-up display and instrument cluster with more performance data then you'll ever use, and they come with a full slate of active safety driver aids. Expect to see these Ms in dealers early next year.




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