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'Worst parents ever' video
has YouTube viewers tsking

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Things have certainly changed under the new world order.

And that “new world” would be the world according to YouTube, which is increasingly taking on a societal monitoring function that has led to more than a few wrist-slaps for parents who do stupid things in public.

Last month, for example, there was “Ferrari Dad,” who famously let his nine-year-old take his high-powered Ferrari on a joyride through the streets of Kerala, India … and then posted it on YouTube. Police practically got to put their feet up on their desks and let the video do the work for them on that one: the father was arrested and charged with allowing an unlicensed minor to drive.

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Then on Wednesday, someone posted a video that shows a couple in what the poster says is Lianshui, China, pulling onto a major highway on a scooter and towing a wobbly baby carriage behind them.

Viewers can’t tell whether or not there is a baby in the carriage, but the honking horns and anxious chatter in the video indicate there is no small amount of concern among passing motorists.

Comments on the video range from’s “worst parents in existence” to “worst mother alive,” with a few defending the offenders and saying this “happens everywhere.”

Watch the video here.

  • 'Worst parents ever' video <br>has YouTube viewers tsking

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