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Woman blames GPS after parking car in sand trap

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Here’s something that sounds more like something from a movie script than a news headline.

46-year-old Massachusetts resident Patricia Malone told police officers “that her GPS had told her to turn left. She stated that this left brought her into a ‘cornfield’ and once she was in the ‘cornfield’ she kept driving trying to get out of her ‘cornfield.’ ”

Upon exiting the corn, Malone navigated her Buick onto a golf course, where she launched over a three meter lip, ending up in a sand trap. Investigating officers noted a strong smell of alcohol and discovered a Burger King cup containing an alcoholic beverage.

When she failed a field sobriety test, Malone admitted to having consumed half a liter of vodka before 10 a.m. Being held on a $10,000 cash bail, it sounds like Malone will need more than a sand wedge to get out of this predicament.

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