Winter tires - who needs them?

I need winter tires. So do you. So does anyone else who you care for and who drives a vehicle.

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I need winter tires. So do you. So does anyone else who you care for and who drives a vehicle.

I began in the automotive industry working for a major manufacturer in the U.S. I still remember reviewing safety tapes during our first week of training and being amazed with the engineering involved to keep us safe in the event of an accident.

What really stuck out during that week was the comment from our instructor that the most important safety feature of any vehicle is your ability to control your vehicle’s steering system.

Ensuring the proper operation of your vehicle’s steering system can be considered preventative medicine (maintenance) that diminishes the likelihood you will be involved in an accident.

One of the key components of this system is the tires you choose to drive with from fall to spring. It’s simple, the likelihood of successfully steering around something that will cause you and your vehicle harm is increased when you have traction and your tires can respond to what you are asking your steering wheel to do.

Winter tires aren’t just for the winter. Even if you’re driving on “all season” tires right now, those tires will loose their elasticity when temperatures fall below 7oC.

Winter tires will provide you with better traction on cold or wet pavement especially when regularly checking the air pressure of your tires.

It’s worth investing in a new tire pressure gauge about once every 6 months to a year if you do check your tire pressures regularly.

There’s another reason to make your move to winter tires before the snow falls: availability and pricing. The tire business is like any other and operates on forecasted sales.

As an industry, we place orders in advance based on the number of tires and rims we believe we will sell to meet the demand of our clients. This allows us to provide exceptional pricing and good, better, best options for you to choose from. These options narrow as the season wears on.

Make sure to move quickly and book a service reservation at the dealership you work with from the Hamilton Burlington Automobile Dealers Association.

Your HBADA dealer has the factory recommended tires that were chosen for comfort of ride and longevity, as well as the knowledge of which alternatives will properly fit your particular vehicle.

When thinking of tires, make sure to visit your HBADA dealer. We hope to see you while supplies are plentiful.

This column is a feature provided monthly to Wheels by Ilya Pinassi of the Hamilton Burlington Automobile Dealers’ Association.

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