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And the winnah of the Gift Card contest is . . .

NOTE: The winner of the gift cards is Louis-Paul Comire, of Markham.

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NOTE: The winner of the gift cards is Louis-Paul Comire, of Markham.

Thanks to all who entered. 

– Norris McDonald.


Although I write primarily about motorsport in this blog, I am editor of the Wheels section of the Toronto Star and every now and again veer off into other subjects.

Today is one of those days.

While discussing a possible road trip story in early 2014 to one of the 29 hotels, inns or spas that belong to the Ontario’s Finest association, I was handed five gift cards – worth $20 apiece – that can be used at any of those 29 facilities. At that moment, a light went on.

Why not, I thought, bundle them together (hey, 5 X $20 = $100 and that’s nothin’ to sniff at) and give them away to someone who reads this blog?

The cards can be used at any of the 29 hotels, inns, etc. They can’t be converted to cash, so it will be a use ’em at an inn or spa, or lose ’em proposition.

Now, while I’m going to give my five away, the association sells gift cards at its website and I suggest that one or several could make for an interesting, last-minute, Christmas gift.

To find out more about Ontario’s finest hotels, inns and spas (there are actually a couple in Quebec), click on this link to visit

Here’s another web address to consider:  the winner of the cards might (it’s not necessary, but might) show his or her appreciation by making a donation to the Star’s Santa Claus Fund. And if anyone else reading this should happen to be so inclined (I apologize for only having five cards to give away), they might consider making a donation as well. To donate, please click here.

Meantime, to win the five cards, send me a note. My email address is [email protected]

All entries received by noon on Thurs., Dec. 19, will be put into a hat and editor Marie Sutherland will draw the winner. Which reminds me: when you enter, please include your mailing address as I will mail them to the winner on  Thursday afternoon.

Good luck!

(P.S. The photo of Michael Schumacher was only used to get your attention.)


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