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Why you need a see-through bra

'Clear bra' replacing stodgier leather bras (on your car, mostly)

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The last time I saw a clear bra it was on a twerking, tongue-flashing Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. It wasn’t a great selling job.

However, there’s another kind of clear bra and it’s something you might want to think about getting. For your car.

A clear bra is a urethane-based film that’s applied onto your vehicle’s paint. Like the original leather or vinyl car bras, it’s meant to protect the high-impact areas from road debris, rock chips — even powerfully acidic bug guts, Jalopnik notes.

Unlike the original leather or vinyl bras, it’s virtually undectable, thanks to improvements in technology and installation techniques. Check out this video episode of DRIVE CLEAN, which explains the function, care and value of this transparent protective film. (Then go into a car dealership and tell them you’d like to be fitted for a see-through bra. I dare you.)

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