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Why are so many driving around with their windows down?

It first struck me when I saw a Bentley Flying Spur sedan tooling down the 400 highway last Friday – with all his windows open.

Hmm-mm – that car obviously has air conditioning; why isn’t he using it?

Maybe he had baked beans for lunch?

Then I began to notice others cars with windows open. Maybe one in ten overall, but in one convoy,  I swear there were five or six cars in a row – windows down.

What’s up?

After all, Friday turned out to be the hottest May 25th in the annals of GTA weather history – 30.7 degrees C. at Pearson Airport, according to Environment Canada.

Why are so many people driving around with their windows open?

A sultry day like Friday also tends to make air quality worse – why are these folks so taken with inhaling smoggy air?

Do they not have air conditioning? Most cars do these days.

Do they have it and it doesn’t work? Possibly – A/C often fails, and it can be expensive to repair.

Do they think they’re saving fuel?

Not sure it ever has been definitively proven one way or another, but a case can at least be argued that the extra aerodynamic drag caused by open windows burns more fuel than it takes to drive the air conditioning compressor, particularly on the highway.

Do they just like the feel of the warm wind in their hair?

I had a friend many years ago who always drove windows-down, for that very reason.

I dunno.

Anybody got any ideas?

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