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When police stop you for faded plates, it's time to get new ones

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Q: I have personalized licence plates on which the paint on the numbers has deteriorated over the years.? The blue is almost completely gone now, only from the rear plate.? I was stopped today by police who told me to get new plates.

I said I did not think I should have to pay as I did not cause this deterioration.? I have seen a few other plates in the same condition.? Can you give me any advice in this regard?

Q: I want to sell my car but can?t seem to find the original ownership (vehicle permit).? What can I do?

Q: What does it cost to replace my old, worn-out licence plates?

A: Alan Cairns, spokesperson for Service Ontario, replies:

Service Ontario?s policy is to replace licence plates at no charge if they are deemed to have a manufacturing defect within five years of issue.? Otherwise, replacement plates cost $20 including the cost of a new vehicle permit.

Eric Lai adds:

MTO?s website lists this table of replacement fees.

Regular licence plate???????????????????????????? $20.00

Graphic plate??????????????????????????????????????? $53.90

Personalized plate???????????????????????????????? $99.10

Personalized graphic plate???????????????????? $99.10

Validation sticker????????????????????????????????? $? 7.00

Vehicle permit????????????????????????????????????? $10.00

Note that any outstanding amounts registered against the plate owner must be paid before the replacement item is issued (except for validation sticker).

Replacement permits are issued in the name of the registered owner on file on the Vehicle Registration System only.? Identification is required.

For lost or stolen plates, attend at any police station with your permit (ownership), proof of insurance and the remaining plate, if you have it.? Police will issue a lost plate replacement declaration, which you can then take to a Service Ontario licence office to obtain new plates.

For lost or stolen personalized plates, follow the instructions above.? However, MTO stresses that you must wait six months before your personalized plates will be replaced.? A set of interim regular plates will be issued for your vehicle, at no additional charge, until the mandatory waiting period is up.

Q: I keep my car?s original certificate of ownership with me and a photocopy with my wife. ?If she is asked by police for proof of ownership, is it sufficient to produce the photocopy? ?The ownership is in both of our names. ?I am reluctant to keep the original in the car in case the car is stolen.

A: According to S. 7(5)(a) HTA, it?s sufficient to produce either an original or a ?true copy? of the permit (ownership) if requested by police.

Q: When a vehicle has two names on the registration (e.g. spouses), do both have to sign, or will one signature suffice to authorize the sale of the automobile?

A: All owners listed on the vehicle permit must sign the transfer application on the back of the permit when selling an automobile.? Otherwise, MTO will not complete the transfer.? In the case of a company being listed as owner, an authorized executive of the company must sign.

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