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Wheels roundup: This year's best Super Bowl car ads

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The Super Bowl is, without question, one of the largest sporting events of the year. North American football fans will be glued to their televisions on Sunday – and they’ll be watching more than just the Big Game. Over the past few years, ad spots during the Super Bowl have become increasingly important to advertisers and viewers alike. Many people watch just to see the commercials. The sad thing is that here in Canada, the networks don’t use the good ads. We get the same old stuff from Sunday’s rotation.

Not to worry, because we’ve rounded up a slew of the best Super Bowl car commercials. It used to be that car manufacturers would drop a wad of cash to create one stellar spot. This year, however, several manufacturers have ponied up to create a bunch of ads. We’ve got them all below. You weren’t planning on doing any work today anyway, were you?

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Glancing at their YouTube channel, it would seem like Mercedes-Benz was planning to buy up the whole game.

There are tons of teaser spots for the Big Game ad and those are once you get past the sexy and funny Kate Upton car wash video, which has raised some eyebrows with critics for its very overt sexual content. Some have also slammed the ad by saying it objectifies women.

First up, check out Kate’s car wash and then see if you need to make a deal with the devil.


Korean manufacturer Hyundai has at least four commercials running during the game. With a couple for the Santa Fe and one each for the Genesis and another for the Sonata Turbo, one has to wonder if there is more fun videos in the bank that will only be revealed on Sunday.


Being brave, Audi has just one ad in the rotation, entitled “Prom”. When a timid high school student is going to prom solo, his dad tosses him the keys to his shiny new Audi S6. The machine gives his confidence a bit of a boost.


I know I showed Toyota’s ad in yesterday’s Insider, but who can’t get enough of Kaley Cuoco as she poofs her magic genie smoke around the Toyota Rav4 she calls home?


Just like the Toyota Genie ad above, Kia’s Space Babies is just too cool not to share again!


VW stirred up a bit of controversy earlier this week when they revealed their spot, which features a white guy with a Jamaican accent trying to get everyone happy. I just watched the teaser for the ad, which is actually longer and features reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. I think the teaser should have been the actual ad.

Coca Cola

Now you’re asking why the heck have I included a Coke commercial in a post on Coke’s marketers have a knack for creating great ads and this one happens to be a fun chase scene that somehow manages to mash-up Lawrence of Arabia, Mad Max, the wild west and Folies Bergere. Sadly, like the VW ad, it seems to have stirred up a bit of controversy of the racial sort.

  • Wheels roundup: This year's best Super Bowl car ads

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