Wheels' most memorable moments of 2012

Whether it was digging out a beached supercar or buying a sexy, but impractical, used car, there was nary a dull moment for Wheels writers in 2012. Below, the Wheels team looks back and shares their best moments from the year that was.

Peter Bleakney: A $125,000 beached Germanic whale

Brian Early: Used Mazda RX-8 is impractical, but I love it

Matthew Strader: A scary moment and a chance to ‘man up’

Eric Lai: Fighting for car owners is my passion

Steve Bond: Alive and well at 266 km/h

Bill Taylor: Humdrum is in the eye of the beholder

Norris McDonald: A green machine for Auntie Jean? No thanks

Ian Law: Supercar, race track, no nanny: priceless!

Mark Richardson: Patience is a virtue with vintage car club

Tim Miller: Speeding back to youth in a BRZ

Stephanie Wallcraft: Inspiring moment with the Mayor of Hinchtown

Peter Gorrie: Where the road ends in North Dakota

Lesley Wimbush: Bearing witness to historic Endeavour

Kathy Renwald: Under the stars at Ohsweken Speedway

Jil McIntosh: At age 56, Mercedes-Benz still holds the curves

Costa Mouzouris: A Bentley, road trip and a big bike win

  • Wheels' most memorable moments of 2012

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