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Wheels' Christmas gift guide for gearheads

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From floor mats to Porsches, our gift guide for gearheads will put a smile on any car lover’s face. Check out our writers’ top Christmas picks.

Norris McDonald: Senna’s helmet and slot cars for race fans

Jim Kenzie: German road trip is just the ticket

Peter Bleakney: Mysteries, myths, horns and an exhausted iPod dock

Mark Richardson: Two-wheelers made from rainforest wood

Eric Lai: Keep it simple with a Sawzall or a socket set

Ian Law: Give the gift of safety for Christmas

Kathy Renwald: Shifting gears with The Slash

Stephanie Wallcraft: Hot NASCAR truck ticket ideal for race lovers

Lesley Wimbush: Souped-up Landcruiser tops Christmas wish list

Bill Taylor: Roadster wishes and hot rod dreams

Matthew Strader: Nothing says you care like an Austin Healey

Steve Bond: Gifts to warm your hands, head and heart

Brian Early: Floor mats, wiper blades or driver training in a Porsche

Peter Gorrie: Dreaming of a green Christmas

Gary Grant: Mrs. G deserves a shiny new Audi

John Mahler: Porsche road trip takes cares away

Jil McIntosh: Clean, green and a writing machine

Tim Miller: Monaco or Oshweken, race fans will be thrilled

  • Wheels' Christmas gift guide for gearheads

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