Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?

Three recommended organizers for your trunk

By Evan Williams

Nov 1, 2021 4 min. read

Article was updated 7 months ago

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That car or crossover with a big trunk and plenty of space is great, right until your two-litre bottle of pop rolls across at high speeds and bursts open, spraying carbonated stickiness over every surface. There's a solution to make your trunk space more user-friendly, called a trunk organizer. We're here with what you should look for and some of our favourite solutions to your cargo needs.

The point of a trunk organizer is to give you a defined space inside your trunk for small cargo like grocery bags, items like tire pressure gauges, and stuff like water bottles and snacks that you don't want bouncing around every time you turn or stop. Equally important is the ability to get the organizer out of the way when it's time to make that trunk-filling run to the big box store.

Features you want:

Security: Not how well it stops potential thieves, this is more like "stay-in-placeity." How well it will stay in one spot in your trunk while it's loaded up with everything you don't want moving around? A non-skid base works well for this but can be a challenge on a slippery trunk carpet. For that reason, secure tie-down straps and hook and loop fasteners are an even better alternative to keep things where you left them. On the other hand, if you can't find an organizer with the straps you want built in, a set of bungee cords or ratchet straps is a cost-effective and versatile way to hold things in place yourself.

Versatility: Compartments are great, right up to the point where they aren't. That's why a trunk organizer with multiple-sized (or, even better, adjustable) storage spaces is a great solution. Hold your items securely in place, with each compartment made just the right size for your needs.

Foldability: Though organizers are available in rigid plastic or softer fabric, it's important that they are easy to stow when you suddenly want to bring home a 600-pack of toilet paper, or a new table. An organizer that collapses takes up almost no trunk space when you're not using it, so you don't need to stop at home first before buying big things.

Carry handles: Want the ultimate in trunk organization? Find an organizer with handles and you can use it as a reusable bag at the grocery store. Load up on all your essentials, place it securely in the trunk, then carry everything inside for quick and easy unpacking.

Auto Trends Trunk Tote

This large trunk cargo organizer is actually two totes in one. They attach using hook and loop fasteners to each other — as well as to the floor and sides of your trunk — to stay securely in place. Large main storage openings and a large number of mesh pockets on the outside give you more places to put tools and other trunk items, as well as your groceries and other cargo. Sized to fit nearly all vehicle trunks, this organizer collapses when not in use.

Thule Go Box Large

The Thule Go Box is available in large and medium sizes, but with the two priced nearly the same, we'd suggest the larger box for most vehicles. This trunk organizer is designed for van life, but it checks all the boxes for trunk storage. It features built-in handles to carry your shopping from vehicle to house or back, it has divided compartments and exterior pockets, and it folds for easy storage. The Go Box is also made from water-resistant material and is easy to clean.

CleverMade CleverCrate

CleverMade makes a wide range of collapsible storage containers for your trunk, including tub-style containers with lids and milk-crate style containers like this one. The Pro-Grade Collapsible Crate is offered in 15.8 and 46-litre sizes and can hold up to 79.8 kilograms of whatever cargo you're hauling around. The crate design makes it easy to secure to your vehicle using adjustable straps or bungee cords, and handles on each end make it easy to carry the crate to your door. The crates also collapse fully, taking up a tiny amount of trunk space when not in use.

Clever Made