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What - if anything - goes through a tailgater's mind?

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Memo to the guy in the gray Toyota Highlander (I think…) who was tailgating the white BMW Z4 on the Gardiner Expressway westbound just past Spadina Avenue at about 4:30 Monday afternoon.

Assuming you can read, of course.

Yes – that was me in the Beemer.

A few questions, which I always wish I could ask people who drive like you do:

1. Do you really think the brakes on your SUV are better than those on a BMW sports car?

2. Do you really think your reactions might be quicker than mine? Do you have as much experience racing and rallying as I do?

3. Since you were the one tailgating me – about one metre off my rear bumper at about 40 km/h – I wonder why you were so mad at me? I was just trying to leave a couple of car lengths between me and the car in front, a distance I had to increase because you were leaving no space behind me.

4. Are you not aware that in a rear-ender collision, the guy behind (you) who hits the car ahead (me) is almost always judged to be at fault?

5. Did you feel so much better when you roared up beside me, cut me off (missing my car by mere centimetres) and in doing so, got maybe 10 metres closer to home? Did your manhood grow?

6. If I am such a “fudging may-pole” (I’m not really good at lip-reading…) why did you want to drive so close to me in the first place? A rational person would want to stay as far away as possible from an idiot like me.

But I guess we’re not dealing with rationality here.

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  • What - if anything - goes through a tailgater's mind?

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