Wheels Canada Magazine presents the Best Cars of 2013

By Norris McDonald Wheels.ca

Nov 16, 2012 2 min. read

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Welcome to the online edition of Wheels Canada, a new magazine featuring all the expert insight you’ve come to expect from Wheels.

The focus of this first issue is the best of the 2013 cars and trucks for sale across the country. Five vehicles in 12 categories are featured.

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We have assembled a team of Canada’s most experienced and best-known auto writers, photographers and editors to bring you this publication, led by senior writer Jim Kenzie, who’s been writing about the auto industry and reviewing vehicles since 1985. There isn’t anything about the industry or the pleasure of driving that these people don’t know.

Because they are so knowledgeable, the recommendations about “best buys” in this magazine may be purely subjective, but they are choices grounded in experience. Almost from the moment a vehicle is made available for sale, all our experts are driving them and evaluating them for comfort, safety and value for money.

Each is a top reviewer in his or her field. Nobody in Canada knows more about trucks, for instance, than Jil McIntosh, and that’s why I selected her to recommend the best pickups. Mark Richardson is a huge fan of high-end automobiles, so who better to make recommendations in that rarified class? If Peter Bleakney writes that the Nissan Pathfinder is the best buy in the class of CUVs over $35,000, it’s his considered choice. We are proud to publish these selections.

Please note that there might be a difference between what manufacturers advertise as the base price for the model and the price category where we’ve put them. Our experts recommended the most popular models and, well, they sometimes cost more than the base model.

Along with recommendations in 12 categories, we also bring you features on the best tires, the best road trips, how to shop for insurance (unless your provincial government provides it) and how best to finance your purchase — in short, just about everything you need to know to purchase a new vehicle and enjoy it.

I am very proud of this first issue and look forward to bringing many more to you.
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