• Bugatti Veyron

Watch What Might Be The Most Expensive Donuts Ever Made 

Because burnouts for days.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams August 2, 2018

The Bugatti Veyron is a car made to smash records and earn superlatives. It can make more than 1,000 hp, it has 16 cylinders in a W-shape, something no automaker outside the Volkswagen group has shown any interest in, it has four turbochargers, it can do 430 km/h at top speed, and it can drain a 100L fuel tank in about 12 minutes. But can it do donuts? Well it can now.

The Veyron will never be cheap, but the multi-million-dollar car has now reached the hands of more people who are willing to modify it. More importantly, they are in the hands of people who want to modify it and then show us the process and the outcome.

Royalty Exotics is an exotic car rental shop located in Las Vegas, NV. With their fleet of big-dollar exotics, comes some big fun. They’ve already posted a video of their shop changing the oil on a Veyron themselves instead of paying the dealer somewhere around US $21,000 for the service.

Now Royalty owner Houston Crosta has another Veyron project. Turning a Veyron from all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. Why? Because burnouts for days. Or at least until they destroy another set of six-figure rear tires.

The brakes come off so that the axles and front diff can come out. The process is a cool look at some very expensive parts that you would never otherwise see. Like the massive carbon-ceramic brake rotors that look shockingly light as well as the wheel-well liners that are also carbon instead of the flimsy plastic in most cars.

So what does a rear-drive Veyron drive like? Crosta says that cutting the drive to the front axles means that the turning radius is improved, and the steering is lighter. The first probably because it’s no longer limited by CV joints, and the second because they’ve taken a lot of resistance and weight out of the front end of the car. But those changes aren’t the point. The point is donuts. 355mm wide smoky donuts.

So click on the video and watch some of the most expensive donuts ever turned. By what they’re claiming is the first ever rear-wheel drive Bugatti Veyron. And just because they’re expensive, doesn’t mean that the owner spared the horses.

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