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Watch a tweaked Lambo belch flames

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Call me crazy, but I have never been a huge fan of the Lamborghini brand. The angular door wedge inspired shapes have never really been my thing.

Historically, their reliability that has been on par with some British cars. Until that is, I laid eyes on the Aventador. Yes, I know it is still a mass of sharp creases and folds, but somehow this shape just works for me. The folks at Innotech Exhaust, along with YouTube supercar guy Jorrie2, have posted a video of an eye searing yellow Aventador on the dyno with a new custom exhaust. Not only does this raging bull generate an insanely loud scream, but releasing the throttle causes a blast of flames out the pipes, as unburnt exhaust gases are consumed. Then, they take the car out to a local tunnel and let it rip. This thing is sure to wake up every sleeping police officer in town!

  • Watch a tweaked Lambo belch flames

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