VW Jetta ad sticks to the 3Cs

Cars, cleverness and cute babies: a potent mix that works every time

If you want to sell magazines, experts say, put the words “sex” or “diet” on the cover.
If you want to sell anything else, you can’t go wrong with babies. (Just ask Evian, who scored a huge win with their “Roller Babies” ad in 2009. What do babies and Evian have in common? Absolutely nothing. Who remembers that Evian ad? Everybody. Point made.)
A new VW ad cleverly taps into this primal allure by featuring a couple bringing their newborn home from the hospital in their safety-rated Jetta.
They buckle baby in, they set out on their journey, and wham, a cargo van appears out of nowhere and cuts them off.
From his vantage point in the backseat, baby watches in astonishment as his life flashes before his eyes. Which, of course, doesn’t take long.
But of course there’s a happy ending, thanks to Jetta’s stellar safety rating and baby’s cuteness.
You can watch the ad here, below. (Extra points to anyone who can get through it without smiling.)

  • VW Jetta ad sticks to the 3Cs

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