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VW driver reverses into Ferrari four times

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Some drivers have a tough time grasping the geometry of parallel parking and then there are those who can’t figure out how to get themselves out of a tight spot. Couple that lack of talent with a dose of self-importance and you have a recipe for bumper cars. Caught on camera by the folks at World Super Cars, a pair of elderly gents got into their Volkswagen Cabrio. Given the tight space, it wasn’t a stretch to see what was coming, so out came the camera phone. In his attempt to shuffle out of the parking spot, the VW driver bumped a custom-painted Ferrari F430 an incredible four times.

I can see once as an oops, but four times? There is no way someone can be so oblivious that they bump into something four times and not notice.

The longest wheelie
I try to keep things current here in the Insider Report, unless I come across some really cool vintage action that I have to share. Case in point is this video from Dune TV, that was shot at Michigan’s Silver Lake State Park. What you are about to watch is a blown Chevy powered buggy doing an extensive wheelie at Silver Lake.

Mopar owners retrace the route from Vanishing Point
Ask any real gearhead (or at least ones who are over 40) to list their top ten most favourite car movies and chances are good that Vanishing Point will be up near the pointy end of the list. Just to clarify, I am talking about the 1971 original and not the ’97 version starring Canadian actor Jason Priestley, although I enjoyed that one too. Mopar fans in particular love the flick thanks to the white Dodge Challenger that Kowalski drives.

According to Hemmings, a group of Challenger owners from the U.S. and Europe are about to set out to visit some of the original filming locations in their classic Challengers. You can read more about the back story at Hemmings and follow the trip on their Facebook page. Be sure to check out Andy McCraner’s absolutely evil looking black 1970 Challenger R/T.

In case you’ve never seen it, here is the original movie trailer.

Chinese automaker BYD first to offer remote control car
Chinese automaker BYD (short for Build Your Dreams) has equipped their new Su Rui model with an system that allows the car to be driven from outside using a handheld control. Before you conjure up images of taking your car to the track and racing R/C Cars, note that the system has some rather hefty restrictions. First off, speed is wisely limited to just 2 km/h and the car will go no further than 10 metres from the remote. BYD suggests that owners will find this feature convenient for parking or when it is raining.

One has to wonder how long it will be before someone hacks this and opens up the limits. Visit Car News China for more details and check out a video on the BYD in action below.

  • VW driver reverses into Ferrari four times

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