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Video: Ukraine protesters swarm politician's Porsche 911

To say that the protests in the Ukraine are out of control would be putting it mildly.

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Politics and sports cars don’t mix well at the best of times. (Anyone recall the kerfuffle that occurred when Oshawa Mayor John Gray supported his local community by buying a Chevy Camaro?) Throw in some out-of-control civil unrest and the streets are unsafe for an expensive car, particularly if it’s owned by a politician.

To say that the protests in the Ukraine are out of control would be putting it mildly. It makes one wonder then, why a representative of President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions would turn his pricey new Porsche 911 into a lightning rod by flaunting it in public at such a fractious time. Protesters clearly weren’t impressed and chose to lay a wood-plank beating on the poor Turbo.

Travis Pastrana returns to Rallysport at 100 Acre Wood
Once a driver experiences the rush of driving a rally car, they rarely leave forever. The most pure form of motorsport, rally is passionate and exciting at every turn. Extreme sports star Travis Pastrana got his four wheeled start in rally cars and is coming back to the sport for the 2014 season.

Pastrana’s season with Subaru Rally Team USA began with some testing leading up to the 100 Acre Wood rally, where Canadian film team Formula Photographic were doing their roadside magic.

Can you make car noises like Sick McVick?
I don’t think I have ever met a car guy who doesn’t readily admit to doing the occasional car impersonation. I specifically said car guy, because none of the car girls I know will admit to it. I think this is yet another sign that women are more mature than men at any age. Fortunately, this guy who calls himself McVick hasn’t grown up and has actually honed his talent for mouth noises to the point where we can actually tell exactly what car he is pretending to drive.

The 12-year-old in me is jealous, even if the adult in me knows this guy needs to get a life.

An interview with Ron Fellows at Toronto Autoshow
One of the highlights of the Canadian International Autoshow this year is a tribute to Canadian racing legend Ron Fellows. The Mississauga resident has won in everything from sports cars to NASCAR and is one of the partners who owns Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The Autoshow team sent their cameras after Ron to ask what he thought of the display before speaking to some fans at the show. Check out the first two parts of the video below and then visit the show over the weekend to have a look for yourself. On Monday I will share the next two installments.

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