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Video: Epic landslide misses driver by centimetres

Massive avalanche explodes out of nowhere in ultimate close call

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Aw, you’ve had a rough day? Poor thing. Maybe this video will cheer you up, not only because it’s fascinating in an “I need to watch this over and over again” kind of way, but also because it will make you believe in happy endings and the incredible awesomeness of sheer good luck.

This dramatic dash cam video, posted to YouTube earlier this month, captures the very moment when a car on a coastal road in Keelung, northern Taiwan, drives into a landslide and narrowly avoids being crushed by a monolithic boulder.

The car took a pummeling. But incredibly, the driver and his partner, both of whom cheated death by mere inches, suffered only minor injuries and major astonishment. You can watch the video here, below:

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