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VIDEO: Street race doesn't end well for two Corvettes

<p>A viral video caught by a driver in Texas shows the utter stupidity of racing on public roads.</p>

A video going viral on YouTube shows the dangers of racing on public roads.

Gerod Rush, a Texas resident who was on his way to pick up his family’s turkey, came across two Corvettes stopped at a red light in the Woodlands community of Texas on U.S. Thanksgiving morning.

Feeling an impromptu drag race was about to occur, Rush took out his camera and began filming from behind his wheel. In the video, a jogger and a child on a bike cross the busy intersection as the two Corvettes wait it out.

“Let’s see how stupid these guys are,” Rush quips in the video.

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Turns out, these two drivers were indeed not very bright.

As the light turns green, the two cars speed off with screeching tires. But it doesn’t take long for one of the Corvettes to veer out of control, slamming into the other and wrecking both cars.

The video, which has garnered more than 1 million views since Nov. 24, has caught the eye of state troopers, who are now investigating whether racing was indeed a factor here. Charges are pending.

See the video below:

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